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Henry J. Clabaugh and Susannah Barnhiser of Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio

    Back down the proverbial rabbit hole researching a follow up to my last blog, the parents of James Albert Clabaugh, Henry J. Clabaugh and Susannah Barnhiser.  I have also seen her name as Susannah Barnheiser. 

     It is fortunate for any genealogical researcher when the family is a prominent player in the community.  Such was my good fortune with many members of the greater Clabaugh clan.  Henry J. Clabaugh's biography was a very helpful tool in sorting out all the Clabaugh blogs on Flipside.

     This is a partial Ohio map from the early 1840's showing the three counties that show records for Henry's family.  Beginning at the lower right is Muskingum County where his parents married in 1823.  There are land records in Licking County for Joseph Clabaugh, Henry's father from 1826-1832.  The red circular mark would be in Bowling Green Township, where Henry was born in 1832.  A goodly journey, back in 1833, with household goods, children and farm animals, is Crawford County to the north west.  The section the Clabaugh's purchased land, Wyandot County, Tymochtee Township had not been formed yet, it was still Crawford County.  There is a red circular mark where Tymochtee Township would be established after 1845.

     Henry's father, Joseph Clabaugh, owned land in Bowling Green Township, Licking County, Ohio when Henry was born on May 15, 1832.  The town of Newark is located a short distance away.  

     The Clabaugh family remained on their farm in Bowling Green Township for perhaps another year.  The biography lists 1833 as the move to Wyandot County and there is a tax record for Joseph Clabaugh
for 1834 in Tymochtee Township.

     As I wrote in Joseph's blog, he and his younger brother, Henry Clabaugh, purchased land in Tymochtee Township. Henry married in the county in 1835 and was settled on a farm with his new wife. In 1835, Joseph owned 80 acres and Henry owned three pieces of property, two 80 acre pieces and one 10 acre piece.

     Henry J. Clabaugh, grew up on his father's farm.  As a youngster, he probably helped doing chores.  He was only five when his father died on August 20, 1837.  Around the time Joseph died, Henry's Uncle Henry sold his land and removed to Illinois.

     The biography tells the reader that Henry was living in the same farm house as an adult that he grew up in.  Because her children were all so young when her husband died, Mary Clabaugh probably had assistance running the farm from neighbors.  Almost two years after the death, she remarried on July 28, 1839.  William S. Nafus was a widower and almost twenty years her senior.  

     Henry probably had little memory of his father and his stepfather, William, would have been the man who raised him.  William and Mary had three children to add to the blended family.  Growing up in the Nafus household during the 1840's were:

  1. Susannah Clabaugh Swinehart  1828-1891
  2. Rebecca Clabaugh  1829-
  3. Hannah Clabaugh  1831-
  4. Henry J. Clabaugh 1832-1891
  5. Daniel Clabaugh  1835-1876
  6. Delilah Clabaugh  1837-
  7. Nancy Jane Nafus Starkey  1840-1908
  8. Aron Welch Nafus  1842-1922
  9. Clarissa Welch Nafus Vine  1845-1911
1850 Ohio Federal Census taken on August 10, 1850
Wyandot County, Tymochtee Township

     William S. Nafus, age 77, born in New York and employed as a shoemaker.
     Mary Nafus, age 48, born in Virginia 
     Aaron Nafus, age 10, born in Ohio
     Clarissa Nafus, age 5, born in Ohio  
     Hannah Clabaugh, age 18, born in Ohio
     Henry Clabaugh, age 17, born in Ohio
     Deliah Clabaugh, age 12, born in Ohio

1850 Tymochtee Township Agriculture Schedule
August 10, 1850

     Henry, age seventeen, owns 80 acres, probably the family farm.  The cash value of the farm is $900.  Value of farm machines $15.00.  Live stock:  1 horse, 1 milk cow, 4 cattle, 10 sheep, 7 swine with a value of $106.00.  Bushels of produce:  203 bushels of wheat, 200 bushels of Indian corn and 150 bushels of oats.

     On June 9, 1853, Henry J. Clabaugh married Susannah (Susan) Barnhiser in Seneca County, Ohio.  Reverend John Free performed the ceremony.  

     Susannah Barnhiser (Barnheiser) daughter of John Barnhiser and Susan Brown Barnhiser, was born on March 2, 1837 near Hagerstown, Maryland.  

     The known children of John and Susan Barnhiser:
1860 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 11, 1860
Wyandot County, Tymochtee Township, McCutchenville Post Office

     I have scrolled through the 1860, Tymochtee Township census twice and cannot find Henry, Susan and their three first born children.  There is a listing for Henry's brother, Daniel Clabaugh.  The last page, last listing in the township is the closest I came.  The ages are not quite right and who the other woman listed is, is a question.  And no children.  It is almost like there should be another page.  The listing is in the McCutchenville area of Tymochtee and Henry did have an 80 acre piece of land up in that area.

     Henry Calblough, age 33 (born circa 1827), farmer, born in Ohio
     Susannah Calblough, age 25 or 28 (born circa 1832-1835), works at home, born in Ohio
     Cath Simpson, age 25, born in New Jersey

1870 Ohio Federal Census taken August5, 1870
Wyandot County, Tymochtee Township, Carey Post Office

     Henry Claybaugh, age 38, born in Ohio, a farmer, value of real estate $10,260.00 and personal property valued at $2,125.00.

      Susan Claybaugh, age 34, born in Ohio, keeping house, cannot read or write

     Cadral Claybaugh , age 16, born in Ohio, working on the farm, attended school within the year

     Harvey Claybaugh, age 13 or 15, born in Ohio, working on the farm, attended school within the year

     John Claybaugh , age 11, born in Ohio, at home, attended school within the year

     Albert Claybaugh, age 9, born in Ohio, at home, attended school within the year

     Amos Claybaugh, age 6, born in Ohio, attended school within the year

     Sarah Claybaugh , age 4, born in Ohio

     Alice Claybaugh , age 2, born in Ohio

1877 Wyandot County Directory

     The 1879 Tymochtee Township map shows four pieces of Henry Clabaugh property.  Three have some form of water running into them, one has the Sandusky River with a feeder stream.  Two have farm houses.  Two are adjacent to each other.  Circled is a Barnheiser property of 16 acres with a farm house.  It is in the same area as all three Clabaugh properties.  Samuel Barnhiser was farming in Tymochtee Township in 1870 and 1880.

     One 91 acre piece of property with the Sandusky River cutting into it and a feeder stream running through it to the Sandusky River. Adjacent is an 83 acre piece of property with a feeder stream to the Sandusky River running through it. The farm house looks to be located on a road. Adjacent to the farm house property is a small 16 acre piece of land. Total acreage 190 acres.

     One 50 acre property with a farm house and feeder stream to the Sandusky River running through it.  Total of all four pieces of land is 240 acres.

1880 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 1, 1880
Wyandot County, Tymochtee Township
     Henry J. Clabaugh, age 48, born in Ohio as where his parents.  Henry is a farmer; however has been disabled by a rupture of some body part.  He cannot read or write

     Susan Clabaugh, age 44, born in Maryland.  She is keeping house and cannot read or write.  Her father was born in Pennsylvania and her mother was born in Maryland.

     John A. Clabaugh, age 21, born in Ohio, farm laborer, attended school within the year

     James A. Clabaugh, age 18, born in Ohio, farm laborer, attended school within the year

     Amos E. Clabaugh, age 16, born in Ohio, farm laborer, attended school within the year

     Sarah A. Clabaugh, age 14, born in Ohio, at home, attended school within the year

     Amanda A. Clabaugh, age 12, born in Ohio, at home

     Peter S. Clabaugh, age 9, born in Ohio

     Alonzo Clabaugh, age 7, born in Ohio

     Charles E. Clabaugh, age 5, born in Ohio

     Effie M. Clabaugh, age 2, born in Ohio 

Productions of Agriculture
Wyandot County, Tymochtee Township
June 1, 1880

     There was too much information on the schedule to do a cut and paste.  Looking at the report for Henry J. Clabaugh, land owner.

Acres of Land 
Tilled and Improved--145 acres
Woodland and Forest--45 acres
Farm Values
Of land, fences and buildings--$13,050.00
Farming implements and machinery--$200.00
Of livestock--$800.00
Cost of building and repairing--$50.00
Amount paid for wages for farm labor--$126.00
Weeks hired labor--$28.00
Estimated value of all farm products sold or consumed--$2,240.00
Grass Lands
Mowed--15 acres
Not mowed--30 acres
Hay Harvested--20 tons
Milch Cows--8
Calves dropped--5
Sold living--4
Pounds of Butter--600
On Hand--51
Lambs dropped--19
Sold Living--10
Pounds of fleece--250
Buckwheat--1 acre, 14 bushels
Indian Corn--30 acres, 1,500 bushels
Oats--3 acres, 100 bushels
Wheat--40 acres, 1,200 bushels
Molasses--14 gallons
Apples--2 acres, 60 bearing trees
Peach--40 trees, 5 bushels
Total value sold or consumed--$5.00
Forest Products
Amount of wood cut--20 cords
Value of all wood sold or consumed--$75.00

     On October 23, 1887, at age 50, Susannah Barnhiser Clabaugh died in Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio from inflammation of the liver.  She is buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio along with her husband and numerous family members.

     On December 31, 1891, at age 59, Henry J. Clabaugh died in Tymochtee Township of kidney disease. The information was given by Joseph Clabaugh.  He is buried beside his wife, Susannah, at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.

Known children of Henry and Susannah Barnhiser Clabaugh are:
  1.   Francis Cadrel Clabaugh  1854-1922
  2.   William Harvey Clabaugh  1857-1929
  3.   John Ambrose Clabaugh  1859-1923
  4.   James Albert Clabaugh  1861-1943
  5.   Amos Ellsworth Clabaugh  1864-1903
  6.   Sarah Emma Clabaugh McPike  1865-1932
  7.   Alice Amanda Clabaugh Marks Shuman  1868-1924
  8.   Peter Sherwood Clabaugh  1870-1931
  9.   Alonzo (Lonnie) Clabaugh  1873-1944
  10.   Charles E. Clabaugh  1875-1883
  11.   Effie May Clabaugh Boucher  1877-1945
  12.   George T. Clabaugh  1881-1891

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