Alpha List of Flipside Blogs--I to L



-KIME, ALBERT of Williams and Wyandot Counties

-KOVACS, MARY RUBIK of Hungary and Cleveland, Ohio

-KRETZLER, EDGAR HENRY and LORRAINE WILMA MILLER--Baby Welcome Card, Treasure Chest Thursday


-LANG, MRS. WILLIAM--Funeral Wreath for President Abraham Lincoln

-LEPARD, CLYDE H.--Tombstone Tuesday

-LEPARD, EDWARD G.--Tombstone Tuesday

-LEPARD, ISAAC and SARAH WOOLLET--Tombstone Tuesday

-LEPARD, LENA R.--Tombstone Tuesday

-LEPARD, MARTHA HULL--Tombstone Tuesday

-LEPARD, SARAH ANN WOOLLET of Attica, Seneca County, Ohio

-LILY--Wordless Wednesday