Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Dubois Diner and Corn Fritters


     In 2009 I traded a timeshare banked week and Ted, Ken and I vacationed for a week at Silverwoods, Treasure Lake, Pennsylvania.  Towards the end of the week, I noticed a listing of timeshare units in Silverwoods for sale.  Frankly, the cost for one week was extremely reasonable, so I took a small portion of my estate money from Dad's passing and bought a week.  

     We have used that week ever since with the exception of three years, this summer being one.  Training for a new job, Covid and this year a rogue sinus infection gave us a staycation.  

     Oddly one of my fond memories of our week was the last day.  Treasure Lake is a stone's throw from the town of Dubois, Pennsylvania.  There, on one way out of town, was located the Dubois Diner and on weekends a delicious, sumptuous breakfast buffet.  Sadly, Covid closed the diner in 2021 after fifteen years.

     The theme and décor was the 1950's.  A woman server wore a metal coin changer around her waist reminiscent of those worn by the streetcar drivers and luncheonette servers from my youth in Pittsburgh.  Of course there were red vinyl booths with a mini jukebox in each unit.  

     Most Saturday's it was my brother Ken and I who were sitting in the diner.  We had to take two cars to Treasure Lake to handle the kayaks.  Usually, Ted did not join us.  Stopping at the diner was our way to extend the week for a few more hours. 😁

     It was at the inaugural  breakfast that I saw corn fritters in one warming pan on the buffet.  Woot Woot!   I have no idea where or when I had tasted a corn fritter in my past.  I doubt my mother made them.  The likely suspect would have been my paternal grandmother aka Grams.  She was a scratch baker and a southerner (West By God Virginia).  During my elementary and into my junior high school years, I did spend overnights with Grams and Pop Pop.  

     Although all the food offered at the diner was wonderful, it was the corn fritters that kept me coming back.  As I mentioned earlier, sadly there was no vacation week at Treasure Lake this year.  Today is the day we would be packing up and heading home.  Today would be the day we would stop for Saturday breakfast buffet,  Today would be the day for corn fritters.

     So, in honor of what once was, I looked up a corn fritter recipe and fried up a batch for my breakfast.  


I would like to acknowledge that the pictures of the Dubois Diner were taken from various websites.  I have my own photos; however, they seem to be lost in my computer.  😇


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