Sunday, November 11, 2018

George Henry Hughes--World War I Service in Russia

     As I was posting two blogs from Flipside regarding my paternal grandfather's service in World War I on Facebook this morning, I happened to notice that I apparently have never shared the letter that he wrote from Siberia that was published in his local hometown newspaper in April 1919.

     It is curious how the article came to be found after so many decades.  Following my paternal grandmothers death in 1992, her daughter, my Aunt Faith, returned to St Petersburg, Florida to claim her possessions.  On the nightstand of Grams bedroom was a stack of magazines and somewhat hidden in the middle of them was a cache of photos and papers.  Among the treasure trove was the newspaper article she had saved for seventy three years.  In 1919 "Grams and Pop Pop" were dating, not to be married until he returned home from his service.


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