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Lindsey Cannon of Cannons Mill, Columbiana County, Ohio

     I have noticed after using the search engine on Flipside, that I have neglected one of my maternal great great great grandfathers, Lindsey Cannon.  There are a couple of blogs, but nothing substantial in years.  Over the summer I have received several emails from a mutual Cannon/Fife relation, Pat Fabri, and she has shared some valuable pieces of research with me--hence the renewed interest in my Cannon ancestors.

     I may or may not have mentioned previously.  When I began research on the Cannon's of Elkrun Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, I thought that John Cannon was my ggg grandfather.  In fact, as a family we all traveled to visit his grave sight on Christmas Eve back in 1993.  We also drove to the Carlisle Cemetery in Elkrun Township to take photographs of the Orr tombstones--other maternal ggg grandparents.  My Mom and I had previously visited Carlisle Cemetery in the fall and noticed that a Cannon tombstone had fallen, so when we returned on Christmas Eve, we had a crowbar handy to assist in the up righting.  My brother Ken was able to pull it up and lean it against the base.  It was the tombstone of Lindsey Cannon who was buried beside his wife, Elizabeth Fife Cannon.

     Imagine my surprise when several years later I learned that Lindsey Cannon and Elizabeth Fife Cannon were actually my ancestors and not his brother, John.  That projected me into an entirely new series of research endeavors.

     First, and the primary place I began, was trying to find out if Cannons Mill located in St Clair Township, Columbiana County, Ohio belonged to my ancestor, Lindsey Cannon.  Or did one of his brothers, John Cannon or Matthew Cannon own that property in the early 1800's.  I have noodled around with this in previous blogs; however have never pulled all the research into one blog showing the conclusion.  And that is the subject of this Cannon blog.

      On July 1, 1805, Lindsey Cannon has a registration certificate for a tract of land purchased in Columbiana County, Ohio 2-10-1, which translates to Madison Township, Columbiana County, Section 1, certificate number 1567.  (Register of Certificates 1800-1812, Steubenville, Ohio Land Office, page 40).

     Also in 1805, Lindsey purchased a section of land in Columbiana County, Ohio 2-11-26.  This is a parcel of land adjacent to his brothers John and Matthew in Elkrun Township, Section 26.  The land transfer occurred on August 31, 1805, certificate # 1687. (Register of Certificates 1800-1812, Steubenville, Ohio Land Office, page 42).

  The Land Office Register also has a listing for Lindsey purchasing another piece of land from his brother, Matthew Cannon on February 25, 1809 in Elkrun Township, Section 26.  (Register of Certificates 1800-1812, Steubenville, Ohio Land Office, page 34).

     I am coming up empty on the tract of land in St. Clair Township, Columbiana County, Ohio where Cannons Mill was located.  A second look at the early Steubenville Land Office registry does not have a listing for St. Clair township in Columbiana County.

     A newspaper article dated 1827 gave me the clue I was looking for.

     And then, one of many tax records for Lindsey in St. Clair Township, Columbiana County, Ohio.


       And finally, a tax record listing the grist mill and a distillery.

     Thankfully I was able to locate the records I needed to finally show that Cannons Mill located in St. Clair Township, Columbiana County, Ohio was indeed named for my maternal great great great grandfather, Lindsey Cannon.  WAHOO !

On Flipside:  A few photos taken at Cannons Mill, Ohio on a genealogy trip.

Lindsey Cannon on Find A Grave.

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