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Tombstone Tuesday--Edward G. Lepard and Family

A couple of weeks back, I was wandering about the Attica-Venice Cemetery located in Attica, Seneca County, Ohio. Why???? I was looking for my Lepard family. Fortunately, the cemetery is not too large and wandering up and down the aisles between the tombstones looking for Lepards was easy.

Not only did I find numerous relations from the Lepard branch, but also some Woollets. They were a bonus!

Toward the end of my visit....and with my feet and fingers beginning to freeze...I was still missing several important Lepard markers....one being the link to my Columbiana County, Ohio Frederick line.

I began walking the last area that was yet unexplored and there, several rows away, I saw the back of a tombstone. I was made of cement logs. Joyous and figuring I had found Isaac and Sarah Woollet Lepard and walked quickly to take a photo of the marker's back. Isaac was a carpenter....how appropriate to have a tombstone made of logs....lol

To my surprise it was NOT Isaac and Sarah, but their son, Edward G. Lepard and his wife Martha Hull Lepard. As far as I can determine, Edward was not a carpenter, but a factory worker. No matter....it was still one of my missing Lepard tombstones and not far away, I found Isaac and Sarah....the primary reason for my visit.

December 3, 1866
Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio

September 7, 1935
Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio

July 31, 1864
Seneca County, Ohio

May 11, 1931
Williard, Huron County, Ohio

June 1895
Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio

Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio

August 1897
Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio

Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hughes Thanksgiving Past--1955

I have probably over posted this old black and white Thanksgiving photo; however, it is one of the precious few that presents the members of my Hughes family in 1955.

How I remember these family gatherings at my Grams and Pop Pop's apartment at 168 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. When Dad parked the car out front, we would be greeted by Pop Pop at the door with hugs, laughs and smiles. On the entrance wall, just inside the door, was a huge (at least it was huge to an eight year old) picture of a pretty ugly man...lol Pop Pop called him "Grandpa Snazzy."

Up the stairs I would run to find Grams busy in her kitchen....the delicious aroma of turkey and pumpkin pies filling the apartment. The dining room was sandwiched in the middle of the second floor. The table set with old dishes.....an off white with green ivy scrolling around the edges.

Great Grandma Hughes (Elizabeth Olesen Hughes) would be sitting either in her bedroom at the top of the stairs on the second floor or already in her chair in the livingroom.

Grams and Pop Pop had the best toys that kept two youngsters busy. The one I remember most was a metal roller coaster that Ken and I would wind up and watch the little cars move along the track....up and down and around.

When I tired of that entertainment, there was always the pantry in the kitchen. I could spend hours in there playing with the various cans of food and cooking/baking equipment. Mostly, I just liked spending time with Grams. She was always full of life and laughter.

When I think of Hughes holidays past, love, laughter, and the best food ever made comes to mind....could these be just the memories of a young girl....I think not. They were shared by everyone who gathered at Grams and Pop Pop's table.

I hope you all make some of your own memories this holiday season


Featured in the Hughes Family Thanksgiving 1955 photograph:

-Front Row: Linda Lee Hughes and Kenneth George Hughes

-Second Row l to r: George VanGilder Hughes, George Henry Hughes, Barbara McGoey Hughes, Martha Stark Hughes

-Back Row l to r: Sarah VanGilder Hughes, Faith Hughes Roolf, Edward Norman Roolf, Jr., Elizabeth Olesen Hughes holding Jeffrey Charles Hughes, John Aiden Hughes

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy, 100th Edition--Walter Knapp

And the topic for the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is... "There's one in every family!" Bring your stories of colorful characters, unique heirlooms, mouth-watering recipes, most dearly beloved pets, whatever! Interpret as you like. Every family has "special" individuals, you know, the ones with a green thumb, the black sheep, the lone wolf, the blue-ribbon cook, the story-teller, the geek! I know you have treasured recipes and amazing heirlooms you've yet to share! Thank you to Jasia Creative Gene for all her years of managing this carnival. I am pleased to submit this blog to assist you in achieving your goal of 100 blogs for the 100th edition of COG.

My husband has a cast of characters in his family tree. I am often envious...lol For this carnival I decided to tell the tale of paternal great great great grandfather, Walter Knapp of Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio.

Walter came to Fremont by a circuitous route. His father, Benjamin Knapp, was a British Loyalist and was given land in Ontario, Canada for his service. From 1783 to 1803, the next generation of Knapp's was raised on this land located in what was called the West District of Ontario.

Photos sent to me by another Knapp researcher
Original Knapp land in Canada

Walter was the last child to be born in Canada. His brother Isaac, was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1795. The Knapp's are listed in the 1820 United States census as residents of Detroit.

The subject of this story, Walter Knapp, was born in 1794 in Canada, the son of Benjamin and Katherine Knapp. From various accounts in Sandusky County History books, Walter and his younger brother, Isaac, had removed from Detroit, Michigan and were living in Lower Sandusky (now Fremont), Sandusky County, Ohio by 1814.

In the book, "Sandusky County and Representative Citizens,"there is mention on page 247 that Isaac and his son, Walter (this is actually his brother, Walter as Isaac was not married and had no children in 1814) were mail carriers on a route from Lower Sandusky where Fort Stephenson was located, then along the Portage River to Fort Meigs (now Perrysburg, Ohio). It was a somewhat dangerous route as Indians and wild animals would hide in the woods and attack the letter carriers.

I had to chuckle when I saw Walter listed as "Isaac's "lion hearted brother," in History of Sandusky County. Apparently, Walter's skill while delivering the mail was due to his light weight and fast speed. He was able to walk across the frozen ponds without breaking the ice during the winter months.

I could probably stop my story here as Walter certainly showed his courage and fortitude while employed as a mail carrier; however, there is more to his tale.

Following the War of 1812, Walter found an occasion to speak somewhat disrespectfully of the British government and was thrown in prison in Sandwich, Upper Canada, a town across from Detroit. (another account lists Windsor as the town where the prison was located.) Brothers, Isaac and James, planned to go to court and pay Walter's fine; however, the court never called Walter's case and he was left in prison for another year. Isaac and James made a decision that they would go to Sandwich and rescue their brother.

In the dark of the night, Isaac and James, in a canoe, paddled across Lake Erie where they put in a mile from town. They made their way through the streets of Sandwich until they came to the jail where Walter was imprisoned. They tried to saw through the bars on the window, but the saw broke. Next they found that the front door was locked and finally they went around back and were able to scale the high fence. The back door to the jail was unlocked and Isaac and James entered.

They found Walter, who told them where to find the keys. James went into the jailer's apartment room and fumbled around in the dark for the keys. While grabbing them, they fell to the floor with a crash, waking the jailer up from his deep sleep. The startled fellow jumped out of bed in search of the intruder. Isaac told him, in a low voice, that they were there to get a prisoner.

Fearful for his life, the jailer assisted in "breaking Walter out of jail." Walter was weak from his confinement and needed assistance to get over the fence. Once the three brothers were out of the prison, the jailer began shouting which woke up the townspeople. Isaac and James, assisting Walter, ran as fast as they could until they came to the canoe. When they reached the middle of Lake Erie, they were able to slow down, relax and continue on to the other side and freedom.

Walter and Isaac both remained citizens of Fremont, Ohio until their deaths. Isaac became famous as an associate county judge, while Walter lived in a rural portion of town and was a farmer. To be fair, the historical accounts of the Knapp brothers are listed under Isaac's name as he was a prominent citizen in the county.

Finding these accounts of my husband's ancestor was exciting and fascinating. And the story doesn't end here.....there are still more tales of the Walter Knapp clan.

Stay tuned!


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--Isaac Lepard and Sarah Ann Woollet Lepard

Yesterday I took the opportunity to drive over to Attica, Ohio in Seneca County. The Attica-Venice Cemetery is the final resting place of my first cousin three times removed, Sarah Ann Frederick Lepard.

Sarah Ann, daughter of Samuel Woolett and Catherine Frederick, was born on August 8, 1836 in Seneca County, Ohio and died on November 17, 1916 in Seneca County, Ohio.

She married Isaac Lepard on March 23, 1856 in Seneca County, Ohio. Isaac was born on May 18, 1833 in Seneca County and died on June 12, 1913 in Seneca County, Ohio.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day--Dad's Service in the Korean War

Captain George VanGilder Hughes

     Dad was drafted into the Korean War just as he had set up his medical practice in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To make a little extra money, he had signed up for the National Guard. When the United States entered the Korean War, his unit was called up. Needless to say, he wondered about the intelligence of signing up for the National Guard in the first place. His service in the war was something that Dad rarely talked about. It certainly put his plans to begin his medical practice on hold for a year and a half.      Dad, a commissioned officer, spent his state side Army months at Camp Carson, Colorado. My brother Ken, was born on base. Dad was a captain with the 2nd Medical Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division. He spent the beginning of his tour of duty in Korea at an aid station on the front lines. On an R & R in Japan, he took his medical specialty boards. When the Army found that he had passed, he was immediately moved Seoul, Korea where he served as the Chief of Medical SVC at the 121 Evacuation Hospital. 

     Several years back, my brother, Jeff, told me about the effort by the Library of Congress to get the service histories of men and women for the Veterans History Project. As the family historian, I decided to interview Dad to put his history together. Unfortunately, by the time I got around to the interview, Dad was in the early stages of dementia and could not remember much of his service. Fortunately, I was able to find records and a large collection of photos that he took while in Korea to fill in the details.

     When Dad died in 2007, I made it a mission to complete his profile and submit the information to the Library of Congress. His information has been posted; however, the photos and the audio tape has not. Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress George VanGilder Hughes Dad's Homecoming from Korea on Flipside. Thank you Dad and all veterans for your service. 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sarah Ann Woollet Lepard of Attica, Seneca County, Ohio

This week I received an e-mail from another researcher who found that I had inadvertently placed a distant family member in the wrong cemetery on Find-a-Grave. Years back, when I first began working on my family genealogy, I located my maternal great grandfather, Alfred Frederick (yes the same great grandfather whose brick wall crumbled this week) living in Attica, Seneca County, Ohio in 1860 with the Lepard family.

At that time I had no idea why Great Grandfather had moved to Attica from Columbiana County, Ohio.....and why he was living, in 1860, with the Lepard family1. Poking around in the census reports, and marriage records of Columbiana County gave me the answer. Mrs. Lepard aka Sarah Ann Woollet Lepard was Alfred Frederick's first cousin.

Sarah Ann was born on August 8, 1836 in Seneca County, Ohio (probably Venice Township). She was the daughter of Samuel Woollet and Catherine Frederick2. Catherine Frederick was the sister of Joseph C. Frederick, Alfred's father. Catherine married Samuel Woollet in Columbiana County on October 10, 18313 and the newly weds removed to Venice Township in Seneca County, Ohio.

Sarah married Isaac Lepard on Mar 23,1856 in Seneca County, Ohio4. Isaac a veteran of the Civil War having served with Co. M., 1st OHA5was employed in Attica as a house carpenter6 for the majority of his adult life.

During the 1870, the Lepard family removed to Clinton Township, Seneca County, Ohio and he farmed7. This is the same area outside Tiffin, Ohio where my husband's maternal ancestors were farmers. Small world...

In 1909, the Attica City Directory lists the Lepard family as living on Tiffin Street in Attica8. If I am reading an article on page 148 of Centennial Biographic History of Seneca County, Ohio, regarding Isaac Lepard...."He is one of the leading residents of that city, and for two years he has served with efficiency as its street commissioner."9

The Lepards had six children:

1. William H. Lepard born January 27, 1857 in Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, died September 12, 1939 in Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio. William married Alica A. Finch.

2. Matella A. Lepard born February 8, 1859 (or 1861), Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, died May 24, 1941, Attica, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio. Matella married Abraham W. Hull.

3. Emma E. Lepard born April 3, 1862, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, died May 15, 1946. Emma married John E. Meyers.

4. Alice R. Lepard born July 23, 1864 in Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, died on July 11, 1946 in Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio. Alice married first, William H. Ayers and second, Emanuel Kaufman.

5. Edward G. Lepard born December 3, 1866 in Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, died on September 7, 1935 in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio. Edward married Martha Hull.

6. Harry Lepard born July 1874, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, died in 1954, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio. Harry married Maggie B. Smith.

Isaac died on June 12, 1913 in Seneca County, Ohio10 and Sarah Ann followed three years later on November 17, 191611. Both buried in Attica Cemetery.


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Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Brick Wall Crumbles--Albert Frederick

HAPPY DANCE TIME AGAIN. Down goes another Frederick Brick Wall. This time it is Albert L. Frederick also known as Burt L. Frederick. Yep, I couldn't contain myself...find one Frederick at FamilySearch...had to add another to the search engine.

Albert has been illusive. My mother had no knowledge Albert. Her mother, Albert's sister, simply told my Mom that her brother was dead and had been for some time. I knew he was alive when my great grandmother, Lucinda Orr Frederick died in 1909. In the obituary he was listed as Burt L. Frederick, which lead me to search under that name. I found him on the 1910 Chicago Illinois census.

I have not been able to locate a census report for him for 1900 or 1920. Years back a fellow family researcher sent me a copy of a family reunion booklet that was probably printed in the early 1900's. Albert is listed with a son, Raymond; however, no wife is listed. Raymond Frederick has brought me no leads...there are too many of them to narrow down the search.

The 1910 census did tell me that Alfred (Burt L.) was married twice. His new wife Louise M. (maiden name unknown) and little daughter, Sarah and Burt are living at 5303Dearborn Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Where do I go from here....CHICAGO!!! I have to have those two obituaries.

What I learned from the death information:

Burt L. Frederick

Death Date: June 26, 1924 (NEW INFORMATION)

Death Place: Chicago, Cook County, Illinois (NEW INFORMATION)

Birth Date: July 21, 1871

Birth Place: Columbiana, Ohio (Columbiana County)

Mother: Leucinda Bell (the Bell is NEW to me--Lucinda Bell Orr Frederick)

Father: Alfred Frederick

Occupation: Railroad Man, Yard Master

Spouse: Louise M. Frederick

Burial Date: June 28, 1924 (NEW INFORMATION)

Cemetery: Beverley (NEW INFORMATION)

Thank you Family Search.org.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brick Wall Shattered--Alfred Frederick


     Happy Dance and Hallelujah!!! I have been looking for this information for over a decade....the birthplace and death place of my maternal great grandfather, Alfred Frederick. Something so easy has been so mysterious. 

     I have been to the cemetery where Alfred and my great grandmother, Lucinda Orr Frederick are buried. Lucinda was easy....she died in Bellevue, Pennsylvania and I was able to obtain her death certificate and even her obituary on a visit to Bellevue years back. Alfred lived in Bellevue and Avalon, Pennsylvania...small towns outside Pittsburgh...during the later years of his life. There are photos of my Mom as a young child with her maternal grandfather in Avalon. All of his children, except one lived in that area. His oldest son I tracked down to Chicago in 1920. I have checked both Pennsylvania and Ohio death certificates to no avail.     

Tonight, on a whim, I put his name into the Family Search Org. search engine and presto....there before my eyes was his death information. Sure enough, he died in Illinois. The information I found: Alfred Frederick Date of Death: February 9, 1927 Death Place: Highland Park, Lake, Illinois (NEW INFORMATION) Age: 90 Birth Date: May 1, 1837 (we share the same birth date!!!) Birthplace: Washington, Ohio (NEW INFORMATION) **Actually, I think this should be Washingtonville, Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio and not Washington** Occupation: Retired Brakeman Residence: Rail Road Men's Home Burial Date: February 12, 1927 (NEW INFORMATION) Burial Place: Columbiana, Ohio 

    Lesson Learned: Keep checking back at Family Search Org. New records are constantly added. Now please excuse me....I have some updating to do on my Family Tree Maker.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday--August C. Farschman Money Bag

Yet another find from the condo. As clean as this money bag is, I am sure Helena gave it a good wash and press before packing it away with a note tucked inside identifying the importance of the piece.

As listed on the note, the money bag belonged to August C. Farschman, paternal great grandfather of my husband. August was the son of Gustave Julius Albert Farschmin and Eva Hass of Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio. He was married to Amanda Agnes Kutza, daughter of Julius Martin Kutza and Ida Hermine Kroll also of Lorain.

The Farschman's were the parents of four daughters: Caroline, Eva, Anna and Viola. Eva married Orison Hiser--they were my husband's paternal grandparents.

August C. Farschman
Circa 1939

August was a businessman. While living in Lorain, Ohio in the early 1900's, he owned and operated a candy and tobacco establishment. For a brief time ( 1915-1916)moved his family to Cleveland, Ohio, where he purchased a storefront and operated a billiards and confectionary store. The family returned to Lorain after the death of their young daughter, Anna, who died on from pneumonia on Feb 25, 1916 at age thirteen.

After returning to Lorain, Ohio, August was employed at the National Stove Company from 1916-1920.

Between 1922-1932 August owned and operated a grocery store and gas station in Axtel, Ohio at the southwest corner of Route 60 and Mason Road.

I have no information whether August contined to work after 1932 or perhaps he retired. He died just shy of his 76th birthday on November 19, 1950 at the home of his daughter, Viola Farschman Harris, in Vermilion, Erie County, Ohio.

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