Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brick Wall Shattered--Alfred Frederick


     Happy Dance and Hallelujah!!! I have been looking for this information for over a decade....the birthplace and death place of my maternal great grandfather, Alfred Frederick. Something so easy has been so mysterious. 

     I have been to the cemetery where Alfred and my great grandmother, Lucinda Orr Frederick are buried. Lucinda was easy....she died in Bellevue, Pennsylvania and I was able to obtain her death certificate and even her obituary on a visit to Bellevue years back. Alfred lived in Bellevue and Avalon, Pennsylvania...small towns outside Pittsburgh...during the later years of his life. There are photos of my Mom as a young child with her maternal grandfather in Avalon. All of his children, except one lived in that area. His oldest son I tracked down to Chicago in 1920. I have checked both Pennsylvania and Ohio death certificates to no avail.     

Tonight, on a whim, I put his name into the Family Search Org. search engine and presto....there before my eyes was his death information. Sure enough, he died in Illinois. The information I found: Alfred Frederick Date of Death: February 9, 1927 Death Place: Highland Park, Lake, Illinois (NEW INFORMATION) Age: 90 Birth Date: May 1, 1837 (we share the same birth date!!!) Birthplace: Washington, Ohio (NEW INFORMATION) **Actually, I think this should be Washingtonville, Salem Township, Columbiana County, Ohio and not Washington** Occupation: Retired Brakeman Residence: Rail Road Men's Home Burial Date: February 12, 1927 (NEW INFORMATION) Burial Place: Columbiana, Ohio 

    Lesson Learned: Keep checking back at Family Search Org. New records are constantly added. Now please excuse me....I have some updating to do on my Family Tree Maker.

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  1. CONGRATS!! I have had a few wonderful hits at FamilySearch lately too. You need that HAPPY DANCE graphic of mine! WAHHOOOOO

  2. Wooohooo! Congratulations - and how exciting that you have the same birthday!

  3. How wonderful you found that long sought after information!!

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations! One day maybe Family Search will help me like this! :-)

  5. Congratulations! However I think the birth date is 1837 and not 1937 (otherwise he'd have died before he was born). I take it you share the same birthday but not the same birth year. Otherwise I want to know your secret to looking so fabulous as a 173 year old woman.