About Me


I have worked most of my adult life with young children--Headstart, nursery school, daycare and teaching a preschool theater class.  My "second work life" was been spent working in retail at Chicos for ten years and four years at Eileen Fisher.  Following hospitalization with covid and the after effects, I decided to retire.  That has given me more opportunities to research and blog.

Genealogy is my passion and I have been at it since 1993. I spend a good deal of time traveling to the various towns where my ancestors lived, taking photos of cemeteries, homes, points of interest, etc. I have even made two trips to England and Scotland working on my UK roots.

I am ALWAYS looking for new family members, photographs, documents, stories, ANYTHING related to folks I've blogged about on Flipside.  If you connect or would like to share stories PLEASE leave me a comment with your e-mail so I can get back to you.