Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jones'n for some WiFi

Almost an entire week with no Internet connection! And I survived ;-)

Last night, Friday, my brother and I went to a restaurant in town for dinner. It was probably the worst meal I have eaten in some time, BUT there was FREE WiFi connectivity. It was worth the $35.00 tab for an almost inedible meal to get my e-mail and have an opportunity to post a blog. It's amazing what lengths we will go to.

We are back from the Allegheny Mountains and Treasure Lake. I'm happy to report that we had great weather and some very exciting finds....blogs will soon follow. Perhaps the most excellent time of the entire week was Thursday and Friday.....two warm and sunny days. Through one of my brother's old high school friends we were able to meet up with one of his Treasure Lake buddies who lives on the lake. Right up near his deck was a kayak.

Now I have to tell you that it has been, whew.... almost 35 years since I sat in a kayak....but I loved every minute of maneuvering it down a small stream up in the Allegheny National Forest near a small village called Westline. I have wanted to try it again, however life got in the way as it often does.

This year, as part of my non verbalized 2009 wish list, I wanted to do some kayaking. Thursday and Friday, I got my wish and loved it. No foolin, it's like getting back on a bicycle! I also gave wind surfing a try.....not so successfully.


  1. I am so glad you had fun. I really missed you.

  2. Well Linda if that doesn't deserve an Atta Girl award I don't know what would. Kayaking after that long. Good for you. But that isn't what it is for.
    The Atta Girl award is for eating a crappy meal just so you could blog using their WiFi.
    Come on by and pick up that award superstar.

  3. I agree - eating an awful meal to get WiFi is amazing, and going kayaking on top of that ... even more amazing!