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Alexander J. Greek and Mary Ellen Kime Greek of Wyandot and Clark County, Ohio

     Mary Ellen Kime was born December 20, 1853 in Seneca County, Ohio. Her parents, Henry C. Kime and Sarah Ann Barnhiser Kime were married in Seneca County. It is unknown when the Kimes moved from Seneca County, Ohio to Williams County. There are records for Springfield Township, her the twin brothers were born in Pulaski Township in 1856 and Henry's Civil War records list Superior Township.

     Mary Ellen was age ten when her father died in the Civil War.  Henry C. Kime , age 31, mustered in on August 26, 1862 for three years of service. He died on June 22, 1863 from wounds received on May 16, 1863 at the Battle of Champion Hills Mississippi. She probably had some memory of him.

I do want to mention that the Kime surname is sometimes seen as Kimes.  Albert and most of his siblings and his mother are buried as Kimes.

     Sometime between 1862 and 1870, Mary Ellen's mother, Sarah, moved the family to Wyandot County, Ohio. Her parents, John Barnhiser and Susannah Brown Barnhiser, lived in the county as did her sister, Susan Barnhiser Clabaugh. Sarah, purchased land in Ridge Township where the first red star is located. Her parents lived in Carey, Crawford Township and her sister and her family in Tymochtee Township. As a recently widowed mother, there was family support nearby. 

     Mary Ellen lived on the farm, owned by his mother. As a young woman, she would have had to help with the chores and help run the house and take care of younger children.. There was a school close by. She is enumerated at age sixteen on the 1870 census as at home and  attending school. 


      On December 23, 1878, twenty five year old Ella (Mary Ellen) Kime and  twenty eight year old Alexander J. Greek married in Wyandot County, Ohio.  Alexander was born in Ohio on May 10, 1850, the son of George Greek and Rebecca Harrison Greek.  

     Alexander and Mary Ellen removed to Amanda Township in Hancock County, Ohio.  The blue star on the map marks where May Ellen's mothers farm is located in Ridge Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.

     On September 22, 1879, Alexander and Ella welcomed their first child, Grace Greek.  Grace was born in Amanda Township, Hancock County, Ohio.

1880 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 2, 1880
Amanda Township, Hancock County, Ohio

     A. (Alexander) Greek, head, age 28, employed as a carpenter, born in Ohio

     Ella Greek, wife, age 25, born in Ohio

     Gracie Greek, daughter, age 2, born in Ohio

     A son, Asa Forest Greek, was born on May 17, 1881 in Ridge Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.  This birth certificate was requested by Asa as there was no record of his birth.  Some information is of interest.  The fact that a doctor assisted in his birth.  When the form was signed and submitted, Asa's mother, Mary Ellen Kime Greek had been dead a month.  

     A second son, Wheeler Clark Greek, was born on September 7, 1883 in the village of Wharton, Richland County, Wyandot County, Ohio.

     Lola May Greek, was born on August 28, 1885 in Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.  

     A third son, Baron Leland Greek, joined the family on October 3, 1887 in Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.

     Alexander and Mary Ellen added a second daughter, Bessie Greek, who was born in 1890, although I was not able to find a birth record.  Her tombstone reads that she died in 1901, although she is not enumerated on the 1900 Ohio census and I was unable to find a death record.  

     Although the birth record reads Faber Greek, this little son's given name was Coral Fabor Greek.  He was born on April 20, 1892 in the village of Wharton, Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio.

1900 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 4, 1900
Wharton Village, Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio

     Alexander Greek, head, born May 1850, 50 years old, married 21 years.  Employed as a fireman at a sawmill.  Owns his house on Sandusky Street free or mortgage.

     Mary E. Greek, wife, age 46, born December 1853, married 21 yeas, mother of 7 children, 6 alive.

     Grace Greek, daughter, age 20, born September 1879

     Wheeler C. Greek, son, age 16, born September 1883, attending school.

     Lola M. Greek, daughter, age 14, born August 1885, attending school.

     Baron S Greek, son, age 12, October 1887.

     Coral F. Greek, son, age 8, April 1892.

     Twenty two year old Grace Greek married twenty two year old John Marion Long on November 25, 1903 in Wyandot County, Ohio.

     Nineteen year old Lola May Greek married twenty year old Jay C. Myers on December 31, 1904 in Wyandot County, Ohio.  Jay was the son of Frank Myers and Addie Green Myers.  The ceremony was preformed by the Reverend Ralph Wright of Wharton.  The young couple was enumerated in 1910 at the YMCA in Dayton, Ohio.  Jay was working for the telephone company and Lola was a servant doing housework.  There was a divorce between 1910 and 1916.  Jay remarried in Summit County, Ohio in October, 1916.

1910 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 19, 1910
Wharton Village, Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio
     Alexander J. Greek, head, age 59, married 31 years and employed as a hay carrier.

     Ellen Greek, wife, age 56, married 31 years, mother of 7 children and 6 living.

     Baron Greek, son, age 25 and employed as a brakeman with the railroad.

     Fabor, son, age 17.

     Mrs. Grace Long, daughter, age 30, widow, has had one child.  Grace is employed as a dressmaker working out of the house.

     Lester Long, grandson, age 11.

     Grace's son, Lester Long was born on April 6, 1904 in Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  His age should be 6 not 11.  There is some confusion as to whether or not Grace and Lester divorced.  There is a death record for a John Marion Long in 1912 in Darke County, Ohio who is married.

     Twenty nine year old Asa Forest Greek married twenty eight year old Pearl Hanaway on December 6, 1910 in Clark County, Ohio.  Pearl was the daughter of Francis Marion Hanaway and Susan Dashler Hanaway.  Asa was living in the town of Springfield, Clark County, Ohio and was employed as a brakeman by the railroad.  

NOTE:  Pearl and Asa are listed in the 1916 Springfield City Directory, although she remarried in 1915, Charles R. Sheets. 


     This is a death certificate for a new born named Herbert Greek, born March 10,1918 and died on March 31, 1918 at a Maternity and Children's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio.  The baby was buried in the Infant Cemetery, probably on the property.  Lola Greek, Wharton, Ohio was the mother.

     Lola May Greek, age 33 died and was buried in Wharton, Cemetery, Wharton, Wyandot County, Ohio.  I have not located a death record for Lola.

1920 Ohio Federal Census taken on January 7, 1920
Wharton Village, Richland Township, Wyandot County, Ohio

     A. J. Greek, head, age 69, employed as a gate crossing employee with the railroad.

     Mary E. Greek, wife, age 66.

     Grace Greek, daughter, age 40, single

     John Lester Greek, grandson, age 15 and attending school.

     Grace and J. Lester' last name is Long.

      Alexander's job as a gate crossing tender for the railroad involved actually manually lifting and lowering the crossing gates at the road crossings, primarily in town. During inclement weather the employee could stay warm and dry inside the small enclosure.

     Thirty two year old Baron Leland Greek married twenty seven year old Madeline C. Hill on February 14, 1920 in Erie County, Ohio.  Madeline's parents were Frank L. Hill and Louise C. Brown Hill.

     Alexander J. Greek, age seventy one, died on January 16, 1922 in Wharton, Wyandot County, Ohio.  He was buried at Wharton Cemetery on January 17, 1922.  His daughter Grace Greek Long provided the personal information on the death certificate.

     On Christmas Day, December 25, 1922, thirty year old Coral Fabor Greek married twenty nine year old Hazel Catherine Ryan in Summit County, Ohio.  Hazel's parents were Samuel Ryan and Anna Schen.

309 North Clairmont Avenue
Springfield, Ohio

1930 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 19, 1930
City of Springfield, Clark County, Ohio

     Wheeler C. Greek, head, age 46, single and owns his house at 309 Clairmont Avenue that is worth $6000.  He is employed as a switchman for the railroad.

     Mary E. Greek, mother, age 76, widowed.  

     Grace Long, sister, age 50, divorced.

1940 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 5, 1940
Springfield City, Clark County, Ohio

     Mary E. Greek, head, age 86, widow. Value of house at 309 North Clairmont Avenue is $5,000.  She was in the same house in 1935.

     Grace G. Long, daughter, age 60, divorced. Grace lived in the same house in 1935.

     Wheeler C. Greek, son, age 50, single.  Wheeler lived in the same house in 1935.  He is employed as the yard conductor for a steam railroad.

     Mary Ellen Kime Greek, died at age eighty nine on May 27, 1943 at her home at 309 North Clairmont Avenue, Springfield, Ohio.  She was buried on May 29, 1943 in Wharton Cemetery, Wharton, Wyandot County, Ohio.  Her husband and four of her children are buried in Wharton Cemetery.

Children of Alexander J. Greek and Mary Ellen Kime Greek:

  1. Grace Greek Long  1879  
  2. Asa Forest Greek  1881-1959
  3. Wheeler Clark Greek  1883-1975
  4. Lola May Greek  1885-1919
  5. Baron Leland Greek  1887-1982
  6. Bessie Greek  1890-1901
  7. Coral Fabor Greek  1892-1977
     Grace Greek Long's death information has not been found.  Her only child, John Lester Long lived, worked and died in Wharton.  I have to guess the Long's are buried in Wharton Cemetery, perhaps without the benefit of a tombstone.

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