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Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser of Wyandot County, Ohio


     Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser, son of, John Barnhiser and Susannah Brown Barnhiser, was born July 22, 1850 in Seneca County, Ohio.  He joined a family of three older sisters and three older brothers.  Thomas' father was a farmer and all the son's worked on the farm.  The Barnhisers were not enumerated on the 1860 census; however, from the family biography, it is known they left Seneca County, Ohio and removed to the town of Carey, Crawford County, Ohio.

          The 1870 Ohio Federal census shows that the Barnhiser's are living in the town of Carey.  The daughters are all married; however, the boys are still at home.  One son, John is married and the couple is living in the Barnhiser home.  

     All the grown boys are working for the railroad which crosses through Carey.  The Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Rail Road connected Sandusky, Ohio with Cincinnati, Ohio running through Carey.  Railroads provided numerous opportunities for employment.    Thomas is listed as railroading, not a railroad laborer.  The difference is that railroading is the action of traveling or working on the railroad as opposed to working on the tracks and maintenance.

     Thomas J. Barnhiser married Elizabeth Bacher on September 26, 1872 in Wyandot County, Ohio.

    On March 24, 1874, Thomas and Elizabeth welcomed their first child, Harry Barnhiser.  The baby was born in Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  

     These are the only records I was able to locate for Elizabeth Bacher Barnhiser and Harry Barnhiser.  Did Elizabeth and Thomas divorce?  Did she die?  Did Harry die?

     On April 15, 1875, Thomas married Lillie Burney (Burnie) in Wyandot County, Ohio.

     On August 28, 1875, Lilla Trude Barnhiser was born to Thomas and Lillie Burney Barnhiser in Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  Lillie Burney Barnhiser either died in childbirth or within a year.  Little Lilla is enumerated with her grandmother, Sarah Burney on the 1880 Ohio census in Carey.  The Burney house is on the north side of Findlay Branch east of Clay.  Also in the house is her son, Alexander Burney.

     On November 29, 1877, Thomas Barnhiser married M. A. King in Wyandot County, Ohio.  The initials stand for Mary Adeline King.

      Listed in the 1877 Carey Directory, John and his son, Thomas Barnheiser are listed as living at the north side of Mud Street, west of Vance. John owns the house and Thomas is a laborer and boarding in the house.

     Cropped and marked properties owned by the Barnhiser family in Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  The map is dated 1879.  The first map shows a section of town.  The rail road tracks cut through town and probably supplied the Barnhiser sons employment as shown on the 1870 census.  Red arrows mark the two properties.  The lower one is marked W.H. and T.J. Barnhiser and has a house on it.  The upper one is Thomas J. Barnhiser with no house.

     The Barnhiser home is on Lot #40 Mud Street.  It is an described in the Wyandot Directory.  North of Mud and west of Vance.  The property owned by Thomas looks to be Lot  #10 on Findlay Street east of Clay Street.

1880 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 15, 1880
Carey, Crawford Township, Wyandot County, Ohio

     Thomas Barnhiser, age 31, born in Ohio, both parents born in Maryland, employed as a stock dealer.

     Mary Barnhiser, age 26, born in Ohio as were both of her parents, a housekeeper.

     Susan Barnhiser, age 70, mother of Thomas, born in Maryland as were both of her parents.

     Alfred Kime, age 23, born in Ohio as were both of his parents, employed as a laborer. Alfred is the grandson of Susan Barnhiser and nephew of Thomas.

     Thomas and Mary Barnhiser welcomed their first child, a son, Franklin J. Barnhiser on August 9, 1880 in the town of Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  

     Frank Barnhiser was unable to locate his birth certificate in 1943.  The information for this certificate was supplied by Frank.  He lists his name as Frank K. Barnhiser, born on July 9, 1884 in Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  

     On the 1900 Ohio census, Mary Barnhiser told the enumerator that she was the mother of three children, only two were alive.  Perhaps their first son, Franklin J. Barnhiser died and they named their second son, Frank K Barnhiser.  Noticeably, the dates of birth are different.

     Jay H. Barnhiser was born May 29, 1889 in Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio to Thomas and Mary Barnhiser.

1900 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 18, 1900
Tymochtee Township, Wyandot County, Ohio

    Thomas Barnhiser, age 49, born July 1850, married twenty two years, born in Ohio, employed as a farmer.  Thomas owns his farm with a mortgage.

     Mary A. Barnhiser, age 46, born July 1853, married twenty two years.  Mother of three children, two are alive.  Born in Ohio.

     Frank K. Barnhiser, age 20, born July 1879 in Ohio.  Working on the family farm.

     Jay H. Barnhiser, age 13, born May, 1887 in Ohio.  Attending school.

NOTE:  The years of the two boys births do not match their birth records.  Now it is uncertain at to whether Frank J and Frank K. are the same person.

     First of Frank's four/five marriages.  On July 5, 1900 Frank Barnhiser married Cora Flechsenhar in Wyandot County, Ohio.  To this marriage were born two sons.

Acknowledge that I copied this from Find A Grave
submitted by Caral

     Mary Adeline Barnhiser died at age 40 on April 8, 1904.  She was possibly buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Wyandot County, Ohio.  She has a Find A Grave site; however, the submitter is not certain of the gravesite.
     Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser married for the fourth time on June 18, 1908 in Wyandot County, Ohio.  His bride was Louisa Beer nee Vogel.

     On October 15, 1908, Jay H. Barnhiser married Florence Mary Walker in a ceremony held in Monroe County, Michigan.  Jay listed his residence as Sycamore, Oho and is employed as a teamster.  Florence lived in Tiffin, Ohio and is employed as a waitress.  

1910 Ohio Federal Census taken on 

     Thomas Barnhiser, age 59, married twice before (actually three), married now one year.  Owns a house free of mortgage and he has his own income.

     Louisa Barnhiser, age 53, born in Ohio, married once before, mother of one child, no longer alive.

     Frank K. Barnhiser, age 30, married once before, married now for three years.  Does general farm work on his own.  Pays rent in the house.

     Lulu Barnhiser, age 27, married for three years.

NOTE:  Frank and Lulu Emme Barnhiser divorced in Duval County, Florida in 1931.  They are enumerated on the 1920 Ohio census and yet, there is a marriage record for him in Monroe County, Michigan dated October 9, 1915.  

     Frank K. Barnhiser married Julia C. Morrison in Monroe County, Ohio on October 9, 1915.  I might mention that on Frank's World War I draft registration dated September 12, 1918, Lulu E Barnhiser is listed as his wife.  Frank had two additional known wives, Ivis A. Barnes and Alma Altman.

     Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser died at age sixty six on September 7, 1916 in the village of Wharton, Wyandot County, Ohio.  Thomas was buried on September 10, 1916 at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery.  There is a listing for him on Find A Grave; however, the submitter was not certain of the gravesite.  The personal information on the death certificate was supplied by his son, Frank Barnhiser.

     Known children of Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser and Mary Adeline King Barnhiser:

  1. Franklin J. Barnhiser  1880-
  2. Frank K. Barnhiser  1884-
  3. Jay Harrison Barnhiser  1889-1941

     Known child of Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser and Elizabeth C. Bacher Barnhiser:

  1. Harry Barnhiser  1874-

      Known child of Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser and Lillie Burnie Barnhiser:

  1. Lillian Trude (Gertrude) Barnhiser 1875-  married Volney Claire Lytle

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