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William Harrison Barnhiser and Sarah Ann Overs Barnhiser of Wyandot County and Toledo, Ohio

     William Harrison Barnhiser, son of John Barnhiser and Susannah Brown Barnhiser, was born on November 4, 1840 in Seneca County, Ohio.  William was the first child born in Ohio.  His older siblings were born in Maryland.  His death certificate lists Tiffin, Ohio as his birth place.  There are land and census records for the 1840's; however I have not seen any from 1840 to know that his birth was in Clinton Township where Tiffin is located.

          This map shows the known counties and townships where the Barnhiser family lived.  In the 1840's and 1850's they owned land and farmed in Seneca County.  In the early 1860's the family removed to the town of Carey, in Wyandot County, where John Barnhiser purchased a house in the town.

     On September 9, 1861, William Harrison entered service in the Company B 49th Ohio Volunteer Army for three years of service.  On December 10, 1862, he mustered into detached service with the Pioneer Corps.  He mustered out of service on September 15, 1864.

1870 Ohio Federal Census taken on July 19, 1870
Town of Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio

     The town of Carey had the The Cincinnati, Sandusky and Cleveland Rail Road which connected Sandusky, Ohio with Cincinnati, Ohio running through it which provided William and his brothers an opportunity for employment.  William is listed as railroading, not a railroad laborer.  The difference is that railroading is the action of traveling or working on the railroad as opposed to working on the tracks and maintenance.

     William H. Barnhiser, age thirty, married Sarah Overs, age twenty five, on March 7, 1871 in Wyandot County, Ohio.  In 1870, Sarah was working as a cook in the town of Carey, living in a hotel.  

     This is a scan of the 1879 map of the town of Carey.  The house and property on Mud Street, previously owned by John Barnhiser, is listed as belonging to W.H. Barnhiser and his brother T.J. Barnhiser.

1878 Toledo City Directory
William H. Barnhiser employed as a brakeman
Living at 339 Segur Avenue

     A Baby Boy was born to William and Sarah Ann Barnhiser on April 28, 1879.  The baby was born at home, 14 Rail Road Street, Toledo, Ohio.  William is employed as a freight conductor and Sarah was attended in the birth by C.H. Reed.  Although no name was given, birthdate matches Robert Clarence Barnhiser.

1880 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 11, 1880
Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

     William Barnhiser, age 39, employed as a freight conductor, born in Ohio, both parents born in Pennsylvania.  Living on Rail Road Avenue.

     Sarah Barnhiser, wife, age 35, housekeeping, born in Ohio, parents both born in Pennsylvania.

     Fred Barnhiser, son, age 9, attending school, born in Ohio.

     William Barnhiser, son, age 6, born in Ohio.

     Francis M. Barnhiser, son, age 4, born in Ohio

     Robert C. Barnhiser, son, age 1, born in Ohio.

     There is no birth information for this Baby Girl Barnhiser, only that she died at six months of age on May 17, 1882.  She was born in Toledo in October 1881.  She died at the family home, 17 Rail Road Avenue in Toledo from pneumonia and bronchitis.

1882 Toledo City Directory
William H. Barnhiser employed as a conductor,
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway

1883 Toledo City Directory

    Baby girl, Zola Barnhiser was born on March 14, 1883 in Toledo, Ohio to William Barnhiser and Sarah Ann Overs Barnhiser.  Zola was the only daughter that survived babyhood.

1885 Toledo City Directory
William H. Barnhiser is employed as a yard master

     Between 1885 and 1886, the Barnhiser family relocated to Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio.  The rail lines run through Sandusky and undoubtedly the move was job related.  Two children were born in Sandusky.  Neither lived very long.

     James Barnhiser was born on October 4, 1886 in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio.  The Barnhiser's lived in the 8th ward.  The death record is listed as James H. Barnhiser.  The date of death is April 3, 1886 and 6 months of age.  The record is from 1887, and I think the death date should read 1887.  The record is from the 8th ward of Sandusky, Ohio.  Baby James died from whooping cough.

     A Baby Girl was born to William and Sarah Barnhiser on February 3, 1888 in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio.  How long this little girl survived is unknown.  Without an 1890 census report ten years are lost.

Map of Toledo, Ohio showing most of the places
William H. Barnhiser lived

1891 Toledo City Directory
William H. Barnhiser employed as a switchman, 
Lake Shore & South Michigan Railway
425 Knower, Toledo, Ohio

Acknowledge photo from Find A Grave

     On May 2, 1891, Sarah Ann Overs Barnhiser died in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio at the age of 45-46.  She is buried in Forest Cemetery in Toledo.

     On June 24, 1892, in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, William H. Barnhiser married Mrs. Bell Savage.  Bell was born Belle McAlmon.  On February 28, 1875 she married first Fillmore M. Savage, a barber, in Wyandot County, Ohio.  In 1870, Bell lived with her mother, Catherine McAlmon in Carey, Wyandot County, Ohio.  Perhaps William knew her back in the 1870's since he also lived in Carey.  By 1880, Belle was listed as married and living with her mother with her two sons, Steward Savage (born 1873) and Harry Savage (born 1876).  Of interest:  Belle and family lived next door to the family where William's niece, Lilly Trude Barnhiser, daughter of his brother Thomas Jefferson Barnhiser, was being raised in Carey.

1897 Toledo City Directory

     William H. Barnhiser has moved to 832 South Erie.  He is still employed as a switchman with the Lake Shore & South Michigan Railway.  Son, Frederick N. Barnhiser, a peddler, rooms at 2112 Horton and William H. Barnhiser, Jr., a conductor street railway, boards at 350 Floyd.  Merrell F. Barnhiser  is a laborer and is boarding at 831 Erie.  The only Barnhiser I can think Merrell F is, would be William's son, Francis Murley Barnhiser.

1900 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 1 & 2, 1900
Toledo, Port Lawrence Township, Lucas County, Ohio

     William H. Barnhiser, head, born Nov. 1840, age 59, married seven years, employed as a railroad brakeman, renting his house at 140 Maumee Avenue in Toledo.

     Bell Barnhiser, wife, born Aug. 1854, age 45, married seven years, mother of two children, two still alive, born in Ohio. 

     Robert Barnhiser, son, born April 1879, age 21, single, employed as a railroad brakeman.

NOTE:  F.M. Barnhiser (Francis Murley Barnhiser, William's son) is the census enumerator.

1901 Toledo City Directory

     William H. Barnhiser, living at 140 Maumee and employed as a switchman.  His adult children are also listed, Frederick, Frank M., Robert C., William, Jr., and Zola.  Robert and Zola are boarding at their father's house.

605 Segur Avenue

1906 Toledo City Directory
     William H. Barnhiser, a switchman and living at 609 Segur Avenue.  William lives in this house until his death.

1910 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 18, 1910
Toledo, Precinct H,  Ward 11, Lucas County, Ohio

     William H. Barnhiser, Sr. ,head, age 69, married two times, 18 years in current marriage, employed by steam railroad as a switchman, owns his house at 609 Segur free of mortgage.

     Belle Barnhiser, wife, age 53, married twice, 18 years in current marriage, mother of two children, both still alive.

     Marvin Barnhiser, grandson, age 11, born in Ohio.  His parents were Frederick and Josephine Bracht Barnhiser.  His mother died in 1900 and his father was a patient at the Toledo State Hospital.

     Frederick Nevada Barnhiser died on September 3, 1913, age 42, at the Toledo State Hospital, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.  He was employed as a carpenter.  Fred had spent almost three years at the State Hospital.  He was buried on September 6, 1913 at Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Ohio.

1920 Ohio Federal Census taken on January 12, 1920
Toledo, Ward 12, Lucas County, Ohio

     William Barnhiser, head, age 78, employed as a caretaker at a cemetery.  He owns his house at 609 Segur Avenue free of mortgage.

     Bell Barnhiser, wife, age 64.

     Marvin Barnhiser, grandson, age, employed as a clerk with the railroad.

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     Francis Barnhiser died at age 46 on January 13, 1922 at his home 236 Linden Place, Toledo, Ohio.  He was employed as an inspector for Steel Product Company in Toledo.  He was buried on January 16, 1922 at North Oregon Cemetery, Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio.

William Harrison Barnhiser Pension Payments

     William Harrison Barnhiser died at age 86 on January 7, 1927 at his home, 609 Segur, Toledo, Ohio.  

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Acknowledgement to Find A Grave for obituary

     He was buried on January 10, 1927 at Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

William H. Barnhiser Pension File 

1928 Toledo City Directory
Belle Barnhiser listed as widow of William H.)

     Belle McAlmon Barnhiser died at age 74 on January 29, 1929, at her home,609 Segur Avenue, Toledo, Ohio.

Acknowledgement to Find A Grave for photo

     Belle was buried on February 1, 1929 in Forest Cemetery, Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio.

     Known children of William Harrison Barnhiser and Sarah Overs Barnhiser:
  1. Frederick Nevada Barnhiser  1871-1913
  2. William Henry Barnhiser  1873-1930
  3. Francis (Frank) Murley Barnhiser  1875-1922
  4. Baby Girl Barnhiser   1878  no record, taken from family page
  5. Robert Clarence Barnhiser  1879-1940
  6. Baby Girl Barnhiser  1881-1882
  7. Zola M. Barnhiser Blakeman  1883-1958  Married Floyd C. Blakeman
  8. James H. Barnhiser  1886-1887
  9. Baby Girl Barnhiser  1888
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