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Alfred L. Kime, Usebie Wood Kime and Christina Bachar Kime of Williams, Wyandot, Hancock, Hardin and Clark and County, Ohio


     Alfred L. Kime was born October 31, 1856 in Bryan, Pulaski Township, Williams County, Ohio.  His twin brother, Albert Kime's death certificate  lists October 29, 1856 as the birthdate.  To date I have not found their birth records, so it is uncertain which date is accurate.  The parents of both boys were Henry C. Kime and Sarah Ann Barnhiser Kime.

     It is unknown when the Kimes moved from Seneca County, Ohio to Williams County.  There are records for Springfield Township, the twins were born in Pulaski Township and Henry's Civil War records list Superior Township.  

     Alfred and Albert had not reached their seventh birthday when their father died in the Civil War.  Henry C. Kime , age 31, mustered in on August 26, 1862 for three years of service.  He died on June 22, 1863 from wounds received on May 16, 1863 at the Battle of Champion Hills Mississippi.   They probably had little memory of him.

      I do want to mention that the Kime surname is sometimes seen as Kimes.  Most of Alfred's siblings and his mother are buried as Kimes.

    Sometime between 1862 and 1870, Alfred's mother, Sarah, moved the family to Wyandot County, Ohio.  Her parents, John Barnhiser and Susannah Brown Barnhiser, lived in the county as did her sister, Susan Barnhiser Clabaugh.  Sarah, purchased land in Ridge Township where the first red star is located.  Her parents lived in Carey, Crawford Township and her sister and her family in Tymochtee Township.  As a recently widowed mother, there was family support nearby. 

     Alfred lived on a farm, owned by his mother. As a young man, he would have had to help with the chores and help run the farm. There was a school close by. He is enumerated at age thirteen on the 1870 census as a farm laborer and not attending school. On the 1880 census, Alfred is enumerated at his uncle, Thomas Barnhiser's home, in Carey, Ohio. His uncle is a stock dealer (I think dealing in animal stock and not stocks and bonds). Alfred is a laborer and probably assisting is uncle with the stock.

     On August 12, 1886, Thirty year old, Alfred L. Kime married twenty three year old, Sebie  (Usebie) Wood in Wyandot County, Ohio.  Sebie's parents were George Wood and Rachel Sterling Wood.

     The Kime's moved to Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio and on July 10, 1888 welcomed a son, Harry J. Kime into the family.  The Kime's lived in the West Park neighborhood of Findlay.  Of interest is the other Kime birth, also in 1888.  Frederick Clay Kime, born on September 28, 1888 was the son of Alfred's brother, Walter and his wife Della.  Walter was also living in the West Park neighborhood. Whether the two families were sharing a house or apartment is lost to history.

     On September 1, 1891 tragedy struck as Sebie Wood Kime died at age twenty seven.  She is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, Ohio.

     On September 11, 1892, thirty six year old Alfred L. Kime married thirty six year old Christina Bachar in Hancock County, Ohio.  Christina was the daughter of George Bachar and Christina Hamond.

     Brief movement of Alfred and his family following his marriage to Christina.  He was living in Findlay and moved to the village of Forest in Hardin County, then back to Findlay by 1906. 

1900 Ohio Federal Census taken on June 18, 1900
Forest Village, Jackson Township, Hardin County, Ohio

     Alfred L. Kime, age 44, employed as a fireman at a mill, ownes his house free of mortgage.
     Christina Kime, Age 44.
     Harry J. Kime, age 11, at school.

212 Elm Street, Findlay, Ohio

1906 Findlay City Directory

1909 Findlay City Directory

1910 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 27, 1910
Findlay, Findlay Township, Hancock County, Ohio

     Alfred L. Kime, age 54, owns his home free of mortgage and employed in a butcher shop.  Lives at 212 Elm Street, Findlay, Ohio.
     Christina Kime, age 54.

1911 Findlay City Directory

     Alfred and Christina Kime are in Findlay City Directories from 1911-1925.  Alfred continued to be employed as a butcher and they lived at 212 Elm Street.

     Alfred's only child, twenty four year old Harry J. Kime, married twenty one year old, Leah M. Crouse, on April 25, 1913 in Clark County, Ohio.  Harry was employed as a conductor with the railroad.  Leah's parents were Emery E. Crouse and Ella Kiphart and she was born on May 5, 1892 in Nebraska.  She was employed as an artist.  Harry does list Christina as his mother.  He was only age three when his biological mother died.

1920 Ohio Federal Census taken on January 12, 1920
Findlay, Findlay Township, Hancock County, Ohio

     A.L. Kime, age 63, owns his house at 212 Elm Street, employed as a meat cutter at a butcher shop.
    Christina Kime, age 63.

521 Ludlow Avenue
Springfield, Ohio

     On December 20, 1928, Christina Bachar Kime died at home, 521 Ludlow Avenue, in Springfield, Clark County Ohio at the age of 72 years.  The death certificate lists her birth as April 1, 1856 in Wyandot County, Ohio.  Christina was buried in Findlay Cemetery on December 22, 1928.

1929 Springfield, Ohio City Directory

1930 Ohio Federal Census taken on April 11, 1930
Springfield, Clark County, Ohio

    Harry J. Kime, head, age age 39, rents his house at 521 Ludlow Avenue for $35.00/month and employed as a conductor for a steam railroad.  Owns a radio
     Leah M. Kime, wife, age 37.
     Alfred E. Kime, son, age 13, attending school.
     Robert L. Kime, son, age 9, attending school.
     Harry J, Kime, Jr, son, age 10/12
     Ella Crouse, mother in law, age 66, widow
     Alfred L. Kime, father, age 73.

1930  and 1931 Springfield City Directory

1589 Mound Street, Springfield, Ohio

1932 Springfield City Directory

     Alfred L. Kime died at his son's house, 1589 Mound Street in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio on March 22, 1933 at the age of seventy six. He was born on October 31, 1856 in Bryon, Williams County, Ohio.  Alfred was a retired butcher and his parents were Henry Kime and Sarah Barnhiser.  He was buried in Findlay, Ohio on March 24, 1933.

     Alfred's only child, Harry J. Kime, died at age fifty three on January 9, 1942 at his home, 1629 Lexington Avenue, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.  Harry was employed with Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad.  He was buried on January 12, 1941 (1942) at Ferncliff Cemetery, Springfield, Ohio.

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