Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--The Barefoot Peters Angel

This beautiful monument is not from my family. Whenever I drive to and from work, I can see it from the road. The Barefoot Peters Angel is located in The Evergreen Cemetery, Westlake Ohio on Center Ridge Road. There is a photo of it in Vicki Blum Vigil’s “Cemeteries of Northeast Ohio” on page 52.

While looking up death certificates for the Peter's family, I noticed that at the turn of the 20th century, Evergreen Cemetery was called Dover Cemetery and was located in what was then called Dover, Ohio.

Those buried in front of it are:

Paul Peters

Nicholas Petrasc (Peters)--Father
Wagoner 4 Cav
November 25, 1936

William Peters

Anna Peters

Elizabeth Peters

I have not had time to do a full research of this family. Nicholas and Anna Peters were married and Nicholas was a shoemaker. Paul and Elizabeth were married and Paul was employed as a gardener. William was single. All were born in Romania and I am guessing that the men were brothers.

Someone from the family changes the floral bouquet held by the angel with the seasons. Vicki Vigil mentions in her book that many folks can see a bird if you look carefully at the angel's hair. Take time to click on the photo to see the enlarged version.


  1. I tried to see the bird but I don't see it. It must have flown the coop.
    So tell me Linda, do you do the research on these families that are not related to you just to have on hand, is it part of a larger project for the area or do you actually find the families and give it to them?
    Truly a genealogy addict I would say no matter what your answer is.

  2. To Lori E. I don't want to sound like I don't have a life....it just do it to do it. I LOVE research!! Too bad it wasn't part of my DNA back in college ;-) I can't see the bird, either!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful photo! This is my mother's family. Nicholas and Anna are her parents. She and my dad moved to New York and then California, and they are buried in California. Martha

  4. Thank you for the photo! This is my mother's family. Nicholas and Anna are her parents. My Mom and Dad moved away from Cleveland in the 1950's and eventually settled in Southern California. Martha