Monday, June 8, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun on Sunday Night

I know it is Sunday, but I am just getting around to Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Fun over at Genea-Musings . It looked like such a good time, that I am doing it tonight.

This weekends task is to find out with of your ancestors were alive in 1909, tell where your ancestral families were living in 1909. What country, state, county, city/town, etc. Who was in the family at the time? Use the 1910 census as "close enough" and have you found each of these families in the 1910 census?

Paternal Ancestors

John and Elizabeth Hughes (great grandparents) were living at 2403 Wright Alley, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (South Side) with my grandfather, George Henry Hughes.

Ferdinanda Olesen (great great grandmother) was living at 73 South Parade, West Hartlepool, England.

George Henry and Ann Storey Hughes (great great grandparents) were living at 70 Florence Street, West Hartlepool, England.

Jessie Pool VanGilder (great grandmother) was living in Morgantown, West Virginia with her four daughters, Mary Louise, Anna Estelle, Sarah Margaret (my grandmother) and Jessica Virginia VanGilder.

Sampson Frum Pool and Sarah Louise Harner Pool (great great grandparents) They were living on their farm in the Morgan District, Monongalia County, West Virgina. Sampson died December 14, 1909

William Lanham Pool (great great great grandfather) was living on his farm in the Clinton District, Monongalia County, West Virginia.

Maternal Ancestors

Alfred Frederick (great grandfather) and Lucinda B. Orr were living at 67 Jackson, Bellevue, Pennsylvania with Martha (my grandmother). Lucinda died on December 15, 1909 at home.

Wilhelmina Stark (great grandmother) was living at 530 Marie Avenue, Avalon, Pennsylvania. Living with her were Charles E. (my grandfather), his brother, Alfred and sister, Dorothy Stark.


  1. It is hard to keep up with these days of the week memes isn't it.
    I am lucky when I know what day it actually is. Hmmm I sense an idea for a post here. Stay tuned.

  2. Hi Linda, Thanks so much for awarding me the Puckerbrush Award. I'm trully honoured. By the way, I love your picture of Melrose Abbey on your sidebar. I visited Melrose Abbey when I was over in Scotland in 1984 for my sister's wedding.


  3. You know Linda I think that camera set up will work with any type of paper/ink/pencil scenario. It sees the difference between the paper and what is on it. Here's hoping.