Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Graveyard Rabbits Carnival--Alpheus Frum

The “challenge” for the July 2009 edition of the GYR Carnival is obituaries. That’s right! This one is going to be a challenge of sorts. The “rules” are quite simple: Find a grave, then find the obituary, or vice versa.

Destroyed tombstones of Alpheus and Jane Frum

Alpheus Frum, son of Sampson Smith Frum and Elizabeth VanGilder, was born in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia on June 7, 1830.1 He is my 3rd great grand uncle. On February 19, 1854 he married Elizabeth Jane (known as Jane) Hayes in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.2 The ceremony was performed by Reverend Asby Pool, my 4th great grandfather.

On January 6, 1857, Alpheus and Jane received 32 acres in Monongalia County from the will of Charles Hayes.3 Alpheus farmed land along the Aarons Creek three miles south east of present day Morgantown, West Virginia. Much of the land was given to him by his father, Sampson Frum. Alpheus received 143 acres on Aarons Creek when his father died in 1862.4

Numerous members of my Monongalia County family served with the West Virginia Union Militia during the Civil War. Alpheus was a private with the 14th Militia, Captain L.S. Hayes “B” Company.5

The Frums had six children, however only three lived to adulthood.6

1. Benjamin Franklin Frum b. 25 Feb 1854 d. 08 Sep 1863
2. William Samuel Frum b. 8 June 1855 d. 19 October 1912
3. George Frum b. 8 Feb 1857 d. 1 May 1857
4. Martha Jane Frum b. 02 Jul 1858 d. 29 Sep 1863
5. James Sanford Frum b. 08 Oct 1861 d. 24 Dec 1925
6. John Alpheus Frum b. 30 Apr 1872 d. 11 Oct 1945

Alpheus Frum died on October 6, 1901 and Elizabeth Jane on February 7, 1905.7 They are both buried in the Old Frum Cemetery overlooking Aarons Creek. There is a discrepancy with the obituary which lists the Bell Cemetery as his final resting place. Alpheus’ sister, Margaret Frum, married John Beall, which is sometimes seen as Bell. John and Margaret Frum Beall are buried in the Old Frum Cemetery, but they are they only people with that surname interred there.

Children of Alpheus and Elizabeth Jane also buried in the Old Frum Cemetery are: Benjamin Franklin, George, Martha Jane, and William Samuel.8

On June 14, 1902 the following 133 acres of land was divided among Alpheus’ heirs.9

Jane, his wife received 24 3/8 acres on Aarons Creek
John Alpheus, a son, received 40 1/8 acres on Aarons Creek
James Sanford, a son, received 33 acres on Aarons Creek
William S., a son, received 35 ½ acres on Aarons Creek

I have never had any contact on this line from another researcher. If you connect and want to share information, please contact me.


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