Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun--Small World Department

This Saturday Randy over at Gena-Musings has posted our task--1) Think of three things that you learned about Genealogy or Family History today and 2) Tell us about them in a blog post or a comment to this post.

This falls under the small world department. I was at work ringing up a customer. I noticed her last name was FIFE. When I had finished with her sale, I mentioned that I was a genealogist and that one of my surnames was Fife. The customer became very excited, telling me that her husband's Fife's lived in East Liverpool, Ohio. I told her that mine were up in Madison Township, Columbiana County, Ohio and the chances were good that they were from the same original Fife's in Upper St. Clair, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Now, I really had her interest! She told me that her husband's descended from William and John Fife. And my response do mine.

She gave me her card and I told her to say hello to her husband---my cousin.

My three new genealogy items are:
1. I met the wife of a cousin who was new to me
2. I learned of the Fife's who lived in East Liverpool, Ohio
3. I learned where these Fife's were buried.

It was a good day at work ;-)

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  1. I am always amazed by these "small world" meetings.
    I went to high school with a girl who is a distant cousin. My husband works with a woman whos ex is related to me.
    I did a tree for a lady who worked at the coffee shop I used to go to and we are related too.