Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Madness--Frederick Gibler/Kibler

There is an on going debate among VanGilder researchers that I addressed in the John VanGilder from Cape Girardeau, Missouri blog. It concerns whether or not the John VanGilder from the Morgantown, West Virginia area circa 1800-1806 is the same John VanGilder living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri beginning about 1808's. I am beginning to think that the answer to the question involves Frederick Gibleror Frederick Kibler.

A tanner with the name of Frederick Gibler lived in Morgantown and is also found in Cape Girardeau at the same time as John VanGilder. To add to the puzzle is Frederick's surname, which happens to be the same as John VanGilder's mother's maiden name--Gibler or sometimes written, Kibler.

I have had bits and pieces of this research sitting on the back burner for almost a decade and have decided it is time to drag it out and begin working on it again.

I am hoping that someone out there might wander onto this blog who relates to Frederick Gibler of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, although from tax and census records in Missouri, it does not appear that he lived there all that long. He either moved on or died.

Maybe we can finally get this brick wall behind us.

Stay tuned.


  1. Ooooh a big puzzle. I hope you find the pieces you need to finish it.
    Reminds me of when my nephew bet me I could finish a really big jigsaw puzzle and then later went home with two of the pieces in his pocket.

  2. You are an inspiration. I love knowing that it is okay to keep digging. Hope it opens up.

  3. Ha, no that is not Maxine. She is a black lab. That was the dog picture that came with the email. I suppose I will go to prison for using it on my blog without permission but it will be worth it.
    You know I don't remember if I ever go the pieces back or not.