Sunday, June 21, 2009

There and Back Again

Honestly, my brain is cycling from our road trip into southwestern Ohio. I have so many photos to sort through, stories to keep straight, notes to review, and additional research to begin that my poor old brain is just numb.
This trip can best be described as a "growth experience" of the highest degree for both my brother and I. We packed more learning, fun, eating, meeting and love into three days then I ever thought was humanly possible!

A few highlights and then I have to get to bed.

The Houstonia B&B was delightful...great food, down pillows, fascinating stories of family. We toured the Wescott House, a Frank Lloyd Wright, Prairie Style home in Springfield, OH, wandered around Wittenberg College, walked cemeteries, especially the one in South Charleston with a Houston crypt and had dinner at Season's in Springfield--absolutely delicious.

Saturday dawned bright and warm. Our hosts at the B&B turned out to be our 6th cousin and his wife. They were filling in for the owners of the residence who were away. Our cousin and his wife were so warm and sharing. We swaped family tales of our mutual ancestors from the Houston line and their generous hospitality included a vist to their home on Sunday.

Our next stop Saturday was my college roomie's home outside Dayton, Ohio which she shares with a very special partner named Lee. Anne and Lee squired us around Dayton, lunch, a visit to Anne's old house in the historic district of Dayton, which by the way, is haunted by a former owner (that is certainly blogging material if there ever was one!), photographing tombstones in the best cemetery I have ever been in, a stop to see a Frank Lloyd Wright designed office in their area and back home for a delicious menu prepared by Anne and Lee.

Lee is an expert gardner and woodworker. Her talent constructing inlaid wooden boxes and intricate carved frames is beyond compare, plus she can pour a guest a full glass of wine! Anne's culinery expertise is second to none. The meal was beautifully executed and everything was delicious. And to think, she and Lee are hosting a Texas Barbeque in September and I'm invited!!!!

Today, following our breakfast, we headed over to our cousins home a block from the B&B. Here I must say that I have toured MANY turn of the century homes, but I have NEVER seen woodwork like is found in their home! They have been able to purchase a family home that was built by their great great granduncle....something I can only dream of ever doing! Hospitality with the Houston descendants is spelled with a capital "H" in South Charleston. Warm home and warm hearts greeted us and we spent hours swapping more stories and getting to know each other.

So much for a "short" overview of my weekend. More will follow in detail as I unravel the blogs beginning to take shape in my mind.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun ... and I'm only a little bit jealous. Well, maybe a lot.

  2. Yes the wrapping stuff was from the store I won the gift from. I used my gift card to buy the cellophane, shred, ribbon and card stock.

  3. It was a delight to have you and Ken here. What amazing fun and yes hysterical er historical.