Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's not to like--A new series for Flipside

Just like the Flipside title, "what's not to like" comes from my brother, Ken. During and after all of our various trips, Ken always inquires...."What's not to like?".....cause we always like where we are. Well.....what's not to like about kayaking!

Act I: My first kayak experience was B.C.--before children--I think around 1975. At that time we were backpacking and camping in the Allegheny Mountains, near Westline, Pennsylvania. Logging roads were used to get the car into the area and then backpacking the equipment down to the creek where we set up camp. One time a friend dragged along a kayak. Paddling around the rain swollen creek. What fun!

Act II: Last summer we took a vacation at Treasure Lake, PA...near DuBois. Covered in
Flipside, it was my second opportunity to get out in a kayak. Ken and Ted also gave it a try and were immediately hooked. We decided that we had a NEED to own kayaks and planned to have them by our next week at Treasure Lake--August 2010.

Act III: Fast forward to the present. We all have our brand spankin new kayaks and are itchin to get out on some water.....

What's not to like.....

© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser

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