Monday, July 5, 2010

Almost heaven WEST VIRGINIA--Cheat Lake

Sunday was our drive day. Morgantown is not all that far from Cleveland....only about 4 hours. Taking at leisurely, we didn't leave until around 1:00. After picking up some groceries at the Giant Eagle, we checked in around 5:30. The condo is nicely located. In my younger days, I could probably jump into the pool from the porch....or not ;-)

After getting the kayaks down and tied to the front porch and unloading the car, we headed into Morgantown for some dinner and fireworks. Not much was was the 4th of July after all! One of my favs, the Boston Beanery was in we went. We were informed that their central air was broken. Granted it was over 90 degrees outside, but I ask you, who needs air conditioning when starvation has set in?

I wasn't doing my "Stories in Stone" series the last time I was in town.....and there are plenty to photograph and research. That will be another day when I have some time to walk up and down the streets in daylight.

I did see this unusual brick in a wall across the street from the Old Stone House. Very curious....I wonder what it means????

After dinner it was down to the Mon and the shell for some good old music and the fireworks display. We were not disappointed. The pyrotechnics are shot from the woods on the opposite side of the river. Not far away at all.

I haven't seen live fireworks in years and have never tried to capture it on film. Photographing the firey burst isn't as easy as I thought. For every one I caught, there were about 5 that were blank.

Tomorrow kayaks on Cheat Lake.

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