Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday--The Beemans

Thomas Howard Beeman and his brother, Claude Earl Beeman, Jr. are maternal first cousins twice removed of my husband. I came across several Beeman tombstones last week while going through hundreds of photos at my mother-in-laws condo. These were probably taken by her sister, Betty. The date of the photograph is 1980

My husband relates to the Beeman's through the Hess side of his family tree. His maternal great grandmother was Ida Mae Hess who married Charles Henry Christian Tate. Ida's sister Susanna Rebecca Hess married Henry R. Beeman. One of Rebecca and Henry's sons, Claude Earl Beeman and his wife E. Edna Frey were the parents of these two boys.

The Beeman family was not on my genealogical radar until I found the photos and several more in an old album. It has taken me some time using ancestry to build the family profile and once done, was able to check it out with the genealogist in my husband's family....Aunt Betty.

Thomas Howard and Claude Earl, Jr. along with numerous members of the Beeman family are buried in Highland Cemetery, Covington, Miami County, Ohio. They are all listed out on FindAGrave.

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  1. good post. I can identify on the "not on my genealogical radar" just experienced that. A whole new family driving me nuts!. Good to read your blog tonight.