Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday--Charles Edward Stark Bible

I found this palm size New Testament Psalms Bible among the estate pieces of my maternal grandmother. It belonged to my maternal grandfather, Charles Edward Stark.

Dated September 22, 1899 I am guessing it was a birthday gift as he would be celebrating his 19th birthday the next day, September 23.

My mother, Martha Jean Stark Hughes, repeatedly told me stories of her father's dedication to the church and that he "held close to his Bible". In the estate I only found two....this small Psalms and a larger complete Bible which was my grandmothers.

Of interest and found tucked inside were several items:

A handwritten piece of paper, probably in Grandpa Stark's hand, of verses that speak of "Unpardonable Sin"......YIKES!!!

And a little note written to him by a friend and teacher (probably church school), Marion A. Paden dated September 22, 1897.

My question is this....was the New Testament of Psalms given to Charles Stark as a birthday gift from Marion A. Paden and the wrong year was written on the inside cover. The handwriting looks to be that of the gift giver, Marion Paden.

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