Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's Not To Like--Cheat Lake, WV First Look

Monday was our first day out on the Cheat. Kayaks seem to be conversation starters. At the condo folks stop by as we load and unload them to chat us up about kayaking....like we are pros....lol Ya gotta know we DO keep up that pretense ;-) AND, yes, a waterproof camera will be onboard!!!

The Cheat was pretty calm and did I mention LARGE. No other kayakers were there...just us and the motor boats and jet skiers. We had to put in on the boat ramp...waiting our turn.

I always have to laugh at Ken...."What are we crazy?" Our new mantra is....NO FEAR!

Paddling out into the Cheat with the West Virginia mountains surrounding us a person can't help but have great reverence for nature. I did not see any herons, eagles, etc. Maybe next time or maybe they don't hang out at the Cheat.

Getting to the middle we could continue straight ahead or bear to the left. We went straight....past lots of foliage and huge houses.

Ken decided we had a NEED to turn around and go back to the intersection and head to the left....which would now be our right. That portion of the lake took us to Interstate 68 and an old rusty 1 1/2 lane bridge which crosses the Cheat and goes right by the place we are staying.

With Ken leading the way and Miss Snap Happy lagging behind snapping away we heading toward the bridges. Now you know once we made it under I-68, Ken had a NEED to continue to the old rusty bridge...lol

We covered ALOT of lake....believe we were out there about 2 1/2 hours. Two kayaks and many gas driven vehicles....


© 2010, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. Wahhooooo for waterproof cameras! Loving it!

  2. This sounds like an awesome experience. So glad to have the pictures and commentary. Janice by the way is my legal name...I'm really Peggy Franz Elkins to my friends.

  3. Breath taking views. Glad I stopped by.