Thursday, July 1, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday--Hiser Flow Blue Plate

     As I have been cleaning out my mother-in-law's condo, I decided to snap a few shots of items that are family treasurers that might not end up in my home. As a collector of English china, I am hoping this flow blue luncheon plate becomes part of my collection ;-) And it did!!

     I found a good definition of the term flow blue on line on the New England Antiques Journal website. "The term Flow Blue itself broadly describes predominantly hard, white-bodied earthenwares decorated with underglazed transfer printed designs. Once applied, these designs were caused to bleed or "flow" into the undecorated portions of the vessel. The addition of lime or chloride of ammonia into the protective shell of the fire-clay sagger surrounding the wares while firing the glaze produced the desired "flowing" effect."

     Above is the maker's mark for Stanley Pottery Company which was located on Newport Lane, Middleport, Burslem from c.1909-1937. Stanley Pottery Company was one of the Stoke-on-Trent potters located in North Staffordshire, England. 

     Another reason for my interest in this particular piece....the furthest back I have traced my Hughes family is in Wordsley, Staffordshire located in the south. The Touraine pattern featured on this luncheon plate is part of a set of dishware. Unfortunately, we only have the one plate. I wonder if Ted's paternal grandmother had the other pieces or if this was a lone plate given to her by one of her ancestors.

     As with many of the other heirloom pieces found, this one has been marked on the back by Ted's mother, identifying the previous owner. Eva Hiser was my husband's paternal grandmother--Eva Matilda Farschman Hiser. She was born and raised in Lorain, Lorain County, Ohio. The plate could have belonged to her mother, Amanda Agnes Kutza Farschman, her maternal grandmother, Ida Hermine Kroll Kutza or her paternal grandmother, Eva Hass Farschman. 

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  1. I always love your posts pertaining to plates and collectibles. This is no exception. And, I hope you get it!