Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's Not To Like--Garrett's first kayak

Ken has found one of the BEST places to put our kayaks in.....The Michael J. Kirwan Dam and Reservoir which is located in The West Branch State Park outside the town of Ravenna, Ohio.

I have made two treks to this delightful spot with Ken and yesterday we took my son, Garrett, for his first ever kayaking experience.

Garrett took the "getting situated and steady in a kayak" learning curve in stride and off he went. It was exciting to watch a newbie get his water wings, take off and show such enjoyment in the experience.

And what an experience he had!!! We had three separate sightings of great blue heron and a doe down by the water having a drink. I have to tell ya that being up close and personal with a great blue taking flight yards away just takes my breath away!

Our paddle was primarily up the West Branch of the Mahoning River....very calm and serene water. Hopefully next time, we will explore it more.

This tree reminded me of a tall lady with a green hat & skirt!

Garrett spotted this great blue heron

Heading out into the reservoir...down the middle....NO FEAR!

Back to the cars

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