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The Pounder surname--Old Hartlepool, Durham County, England

The Pounder surname is part of my paternal Hartlepool, England Hughes line. Elizabeth Pounder is my paternal gggg grandmother. To date I have no knowledge of her parents. Figuring out the Pounders of Hartlepool, England would take a skilled individual who can navigate the name much better than I. So many many generations....all with the same first names.

Marriage record of Elizabeth Pounder and George Robinson
My paternal gggg grandparents

Suffice to say, Elizabeth was probably born in Hartlepool. She married George Robinson, a fisherman also from Hartlepool on May 14, 1826 at St. Hilda's on The Headland, Hartlepool, England. Ther ceremony was performed by William Wilson, Curate of Hartlepool. Witnesses were: William Horsley, George Comer and John Fletcher. From the old records, neither George Robinson nor Elizabeth Pounder were able to write their name and signed with an "X".

St. Hilda's on The Headland, Hartlepool, England

My English friend, who by the way has done all the research on this family for me, sent me an addendum to the information which was of great interest to me. It involves the derivation of the name POUNDER. "From very early times, an important village offical was the 'pinder' or 'pounder'. His job was the impounding of stray cattle in the pinfold or pound until their owner redeemed them on payment of a fine." According to my friend, "I have a true 'dyed in the wool' Hartlepool ancestor with the Pounder name that is special to the Headland (Old Hartlepool). Very cool!!!!

Birth record of
Ann Robinson, daughter of George Robinson and Elizabeth Pounder
GGG Grandmother to me and Great Grandmother to John George Marsh

My first cousin twice removed from Hartlepool, John George Marsh, married a Hartlepool Pounder, Mary Pounder. Over the years Mary and I corresponded about family and we were both surprised to find that John descended from Pounders, something he was unaware of.

Always the generous one, Mary sent me information about her Pounder family. Mary was the daughter of Richard Pounder and Mary Herring. She was born January 23, 1923 in Hartlepool, England.

Additional Information:

John George and Mary Pounder Marsh on Flipside

The Headland/Hartlepool/West Hartlepool, England at The Linda Hughes Hiser Family Genealogy Home Page

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  1. You have some great records there Linda. I find it very expensive to do research on the records in Great Britain.

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  5. Hi Linda,

    My ggggrandfather was Edward Rawlings Pounder Master Mariner c.1820 and from Hartlepool, I think Elizabeth could be a relative.
    Most interested in your research.

  6. Hi Linda,
    I am also descended from the Pounders of Hartlepool, I can give you information on your Elizabeth Pounder's parents, grandparents and more. Elizabeth was my 4th cousin 4x removed. Are you a member of by any chance, if so my user name is lilifachwen my tree is Wanley et Al(1)

  7. I am a member of ancestry, but am having a difficult time locating your tree and can't figure out how to search for you using your user name. I will keep trying.

  8. Do you have any more info on the Pounder side of your family, as I have a few Pounder marriages on my side of the family mostly marriages to Cambridges all in Hartlepool.

  9. Linda
    I am related to Hartlepool Pounders, please view my site;
    Site ID -- dc6684
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    Let me know if connected to your family.
    Best Wishes
    Malcolm Pounder , Kent , UK

  10. I am a Hartlepool pounder ...there's 100s of us!

  11. I am related to the Pounders through marriage as my gggg aunt Mary Dennis (Dinnis) married a Thomas Pounder in the 1700s. They died in the Hartlepool workhouse. I am directly related to the Horsleys and Robinsons. You have a very interesting site here...well done. You should join