Thursday, January 7, 2010

Follow-up to Hummer's Post--Volunteering

Hummer over at Branching out Through the Years had an inciteful post this week discussing her favorite genealogical related volunteering at Family Search.

One of the projects I contribute to is Find-A-Grave. Why do I do it? I love cemeteries, the art work found there, the stories of families, the exercise.... AND I love it when I get an e-mail back from an appreciative family member. Oddly, after reading Hummer's blog, just such a thank you arrived in my mailbox.......

Wow...thank you for what you do. Folks like me who do not travel really appreciate your efforts.

Hope that you stay warm this week by staying inside!


I know I depend on others to do the legwork for me since I cannot travel from state to state looking for tombstones, records, etc., so it only seems appropriate that I do the same for others.

Thank you Elizabeth for your kind words. And thank you to all the countless volunteers out there who help others through their service.

Lesson Learned: Volunteer and remember to send a thank you to those who have helped.


  1. As I commented over at hummer's post, volunteers are NEVER appreciated enough! I work with volunteers a lot (as the group leader, so to speak) and I tell them as much as I can how much I really appreciate them. "Thank you" cannot be said enough times.

    Thank you Linda for your FAG work!

  2. Linda how can I contact you for the help with the soldiers and family? Are you on facebook?