Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carnival of Genealogy, 89th Edition--Ode to Hughes

The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: Ode to My Family's History! This time around we'll be composing a poem that tells our family's history. It can be long or short, rhyme or not rhyme, funny or serious, illustrated or not... you choose, but make it appropriate as an introduction for a book or video on your family history. Thank you to Creative Gene for again sponsoring this carnival.

My surname Hughes is English they say;
Proud common workers all.
From Hartlepool they sailed one day;
And touched New York in fall.

In 1906 they went by train;
To find a life so new.
Factories, steel mills and lots of pain.
Where skies were rarely blue.

Pittsburgh was their first hometown;
Then down river to Woodlawn.
Home was a house sided brown;
Til John Hughes died indawn.

Our family moved around the town;
More than one hundred year.
Now I can say wearing a frown;
No family is there, but near.


  1. Linda,

    What a wonderful tribute to the Hughes family!
    Reading your ode inspired me to go ahead and give it a try!


  2. I do love migration stories. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. What a real tribute to families that had the courage to come here and begin a new life.

    I can't imagine what kind of courage that would take!

    Great poem!