Thursday, December 10, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday--Hughes Creche

Only four pieces of this 1950's creche scene are original. By that I mean original to my Hughes family. Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and the pink angel were all part of our Christmas decorations back in the 1950's on Washington Drive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Perhaps there were additional pieces that were lost or broken over the years. I can't remember. Mom set these up in the living room at Christmas after we moved to Bramble Lane, so they were a part of my holiday memory well into my teens.

Made in Japan and costing only a quarter a piece, they were probably purchased at the local 5 & 10. I can't remember when they passed into my hands, but they have been an important part of my holiday decorating at least since the 1980's. With the advent of e-bay, I added to the collection, making certain that the "new" pieces were from the same collection and era.

© 2009, copyright Linda Hughes Hiser

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