Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy, 87th Edition--Genealogy New Year's Resolutions

The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: New Year's Resolutions! This year is almost over and a new decade is knocking on the door. This is the perfect time to make your New Year resolutions, goals, aims, declarations, intentions, aspirations, objectives, plans, targets, schemes, wishes, or whatever you want to call them! Figure out how you're going to approach your family history research next year, write it up, and share it with us in the COG. Thank you to Creative Gene for hosting this COG.

As the year closes on 2009, I have been thinking of what was accomplished this year in the genealogy side of my life and what I need to improve in 2010.

1. This year found me struggling to migrate my genealogy home page from one place to another. During the migration I realized how outdated much of the information was, how poor the resolution of the photos were and that many of my branches were not even mentioned. I hope that in 2010 I will make the time to continue improving the Linda Hughes Hiser Home Page for Genealogy.

2. I made a valid attempt to get more of my sources on my Family Tree Maker program, however I have so much more to do.

3. As a contributor out on Find-A-Grave, I have hundreds of new entries that are waiting for me to find the time to add online. The photos are taken and need to be resized.

4. I have so enjoyed blogging on Flipside and meeting all the wonderful geneablogger family. I hope to be able to continue in 2010 with the gusto of 2009.

5. I began several series on Flipside and I hope to continue writing on them. Stories in Stone and Growing up Hughes have been personally rewarding to research and write.

6. I have a need to make more time in the evening to catch up with the blogs of my fellow geneabloggers….reading and making comments.

7. I hope to reacquaint with new relations through the Internet. To accomplish this I need to work harder to follow up leads on various websites and e-mailing those who are working on my branches out on ancestry.

8. Ancestry….I need to get back to my genealogy work on that site and continue documenting….documenting….documenting.

9. Photo scanning. A project I began this year, but I have so many more to do.

10. Reorganizing my genealogy hard copy. I have my computer genealogy files in pretty decent order, but my hard copy files are a disaster. I need new and better file folders and need to clear out more space in my file cabinet so what I have is not so smashed together.

And finally, last but probably first.....I REALLY have a need to clean up my computer work space. I think Randy had a SNGF months ago asking for photos of our workspace. I was too embarassed then to do the post and most assuredly, it is even worse now ;-)

I think my work is cut out for me this year. How can I ever accomplish this….find the time…..without quitting my job? Good question!

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  1. Without Quitting My Job...I work third shift so the two nights I am off is usually spent working on the genealogy. So I am with you about trying to accomplish this for the up coming year.

    I need to re-organize the work space. Having a spare room, have been thinking these past months to convert it into a work office for my interests and hobbies.

    Will be trying to straighten out who is who as far as connections with family goes with email addies and facebook friends. There is family, connections to and with family. The many researchers I have befriended...etc.

    My one goal for next Christmas to be able to give my children and granddaughters a published work of my research of my family tree.

    Am wanting to introduce or just reconnect to all those family connections from Ancestry.com. There are two or more trees so there will be alot to do there as well.

    Now this is just the resolutions for my GENEALOGY but other areas will (hopefull) have equal time!

  2. Linda,

    I could probably take you list and adopt it, one by one, and have a GREAT list! Good job. But, alas, I must now create my own. It won't be as complete, but thank you for sharing a very ambitious set of resolutions. Best wishes on your 2010!

    Bill ;-)

    Author of "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

  3. Aw, come on, I wanna see a picture of your workspace. (At least it doesn't have 13-year-old party favors...)

  4. I had to laugh when I read about the workspace photo, cause I don't wanna show mine either. The one in Tana is VERY small, but I use every surface available, even had Man put a file holder thingy on the wall, I just glanced over there, STUFFED FULL of papers, and who knows what else. At home, it is even worse, I have one pile of papers that have been waiting for me for over 10 years. YOU READ THAT RIGHT! You write a good list Linda, I, like Dr. Bill could just borrow it, but, ohhhhhh, I don't like resolutions! Just read my entry to this carnival. HAHA

    Love reading your posts Linda, and next time Man and I even get close to Cleveland area, we just have to meet!