Monday, December 14, 2009

86th Editon of the Carnival Of Genealogy Part 2--Santa Letter

It's been a long time since I wrote a letter to Saint Nick. I think I've been pretty good this year. I have kept in touch with all my cousins both near and distant. I migrated my genealogy home page from geocities to yahoo. I have worked to add more branches to my tree along with sources, photos and documents. I added numerous new names and photos to findagrave and I have worked on my Family Tree Maker database, adding source material that I have neglected to document over the years.

Probably the best genealogy item this year has been joining geneabloggers and actually spending time writing genealogy blogs. I have begun many projects in my life and they usually fall by the wayside, but blogging has been fun. I have met so many wonderful new folks and I am still with it almost a year later.

So my Wish List for this year

1. To finally find out where my maternal great grandfather Alfred Frederick actually get a hold of a death certificate would be nice.

2. To find some information....any information about Mary Louise VanGilder paternal great grandaunt.

3. That google continues to put out information on line in old books....especially books with my relations in them.

4. A photo of my paternal great great grandparents....Sampson Frum Pool and Sarah Harner Pool.

5. For some far flung relation to find me on the net and e-mail scans of photos or documents relating to any branch of my family.

Actually Santa, I would be happy with any detail no matter how small on any branch of my family....any piece that would just magically drop into my hands.

Thank you Santa