Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent Calendar--Day 4--Christmas Cards

As you can see, I'm playing hopscotch through the advent calendar in an effort to catch up. Christmas cards were always a part of the holiday celebration. Mom would begin at the end of November addressing and writing notes in the cards and posting them in the first week of December. I have continued that tradition, although have been somewhat remiss in the last two years :-(

I was thrilled several months ago when my cousin Kent shared a jpg of this old Christmas card featuring our mutual great grandmother, Wilhelmine Catherine Schwarz Stark. I am going to ball park the photo circa 1920's or 30's. Granny Stark's youngest son, Alfred Walter Stark, was a local photographer and probably took the photograph of his mother for this holiday card.

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  1. Oh, Linda, what a marvelous card!

  2. You have the best heirlooms. Good thing I like you or I would be madly jealous.

  3. How thrilling to even have a .jpg of such a wonderful card! I'm with Lori E., I'm jealous. lol