Saturday, August 15, 2009

St. Joseph Vacation--Friday

Our time at the beach is winding down. Oh, how I wish we had another week. The weather has been warm and sunny. Mornings have been spent noodling around on computers and the afternoons on the beach. What a life!!!

Friday there was some action on the Silver opp's. Numerous folks were out on the lake in ocean kayaks, which of course prompted me...old kayaker that I am, to have a NEED to try it myself. I think Saturday will be the afternoon.

I was just settling down to a good book after having taken a dip in Lake Michigan, when several loud whistles sounded. A HUGE freighter was leaving port....slowly making it's way out of the narrow channel beside the lighthouse...pulled by a tugboat. Once out in the open lake, folks on jet skiis began circling around it....I guess for fun. The freighter had to turn itself about to head north and then out of sight.

A short time later the coast guard boat rounded the lighthouse and pulled up to an anchored cabin cruiser. Over the blowhorn came a warning..."Everyone out of the water." Then lifeguard whistles sounded three warning blasts. Slowly the water, in the lifeguard managed area, cleared and thousands were standing on the Silver Beach. No sooner had the beach cleared when the sheriff in his boat pulled into the beach waters and along side the coast guard. Folks were "beached" for over a half hour while the coast guard and St. Joseph paramedics carried someone off the boat and into a waiting ambulance.

The cabin cruiser was pulled back to it's dock by the coast guard. I guess the captain must have been the one taken off the boat. My brother looked for the story on line today (Saturday), but found nothing.

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