Wednesday, August 5, 2009

16th Edition of Smile for the Camera--Bling

The word prompt for the 16th Edition of Smile For The Camera is "Bling, ancestor Bling." I am always drawn to the beautiful jewelry worn by our ancestors in old photographs. The locket that was your Great Grandmother's treasure, the pocket watch proudly displayed by a male ancestor, the beautiful crosses of old, and the children with their tiny bracelets. While not many of our ancestors were wealthy enough to own multiple pieces of jewelry, there was the one good piece that held sentimental value. Some of us have been fortunate enough to inherit those treasures. This edition is hosted over at Shades of the Departed.

I do have numerous photographs of ancestors adorned in bling; however, I decided to put a little spin on this edition of Smile. Rather than posting a photo of an ancestor in a fabulous piece of bling, I decided to feature a rather plain piece of bling which features a fabulous photograph of an ancestor! Pictured on the lapel pin is my maternal great grandmother, Lucinda (Lou) Orr Frederick. Looking at other photographs of her, I am ball parking the pin to be turn of the 20th century.

Lou did not seem to wear much jewelry. I have several other photos of her taken through the late 1800's and into the early 1900's. Her primary adornments were beautiful lace and/or tatted collars.


  1. There was no jewelry in my family that I know of.
    I did have a little gold mechanical pencil on a chain that was stolen years ago from my apartment.
    Very clever to include the beautiful lace collar in the bling.

  2. What a great "spin" on the topic ~ This is absolutely a lovely piece of jewelry...thanks for sharing it.