Thursday, September 3, 2009

YAHOO--5,000th visitor to Flipside

Who knew I'd reach 5000! In all honesty probably 1000 are me checking the blog, making edits and seeing the comments ;- )

THANK YOU for your support and please keep coming back. You readers rock!


  1. That is fabulous. Way to go Linda. I know how it feels and it does feel good.
    You always come up with the most interesting things to write about and your family history is an amazing one.

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  3. It was me, right, yea, I know it was me! Do I qualify for a prize? LOL

    Congrats Linda!!! I totally agree with Lori E.

    Great job!!

    (Only took me two times to get this right, geeshhhh!! LOL)

  4. Congratulations, Linda! I'll do my part to help you get to 10,000.

  5. Congrats have a great blog...