Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday--Ceramics by Grams

Treasured ceramic items that are still in the Hughes Family are pieces made by my paternal grandmother, Sarah Margaret VanGilder Hughes aka Grams. She began ceramic classes in the mid 1950's and would give her pieces as gifts. I can remember the ceramic Christmas green holly shaped dishes that my mother would use every holiday to serve cheese and crackers or chips and dip.

Over the years they have been lost or broken, but I still have some of Grams' art work. There are two versions of the Christmas carolers. The multicolored one pictured above always had a prominent place in our home during the Christmas holiday. At one time it was all in one piece like the pink one shown below, but over the years the base was lost as was the little light pole and the dog. The angel is a piece that my Aunt Faith gave to me several years back, also made by her mother and my Grams.

I think that the pink caroler piece was given to my Cousin Karen or to her mother, my Aunt Faith. Aunt Faith, repainted it, but when it came into my possession, I cleaned the paint off to show the original colors.


  1. You are so fortunate to have these things. very nice. I am jealous! ;-)

  2. Very nice but of course I did spot the Santa in the photo. I have a similar one. Yes I know, of course I do.

  3. These are wonderful. I have some ceramic items made by my mother and aunt; even my daughters think they are really neat (if you remember the picture of my cat Pipsqueak with a white ceramic cat - that cat was made by my aunt).