Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Eglise Saint Alphonse Church Cemetery, Nova Scotia

Once again Flipside is privileged to present some cemetery photos taken by Paul E. Sanderson. In August Paul took a motor trip to Nova Scotia. Of the numerous small towns and fishing villages he passed through, Saint Alphonse and the Eglise Saint Alphonse Church caught his attention. Located on the Arcadian west coast, north of Yarmouth, the parish of St. Alphonse was established in 1922 when the present church was built.

Paul was particularly taken with the “simplicity of the construction of the church and work of the local craftsmen who built the wooden altar and grotto”. The grotto, located inside the church, is a replica of the Notre Dame de Lourdes grotto. Beautiful intricate murals depicting scenes from the New Testament which were painted by a local artist, Pius LeBlanc, adorn the walls. Paul was not able to get inside the church to photograph the grotto or the murals, so I have, quite shamelessly, borrowed them from a website ;-) The photos are small, however they do give an idea of the workmanship and detail in the grotto, murals and altar.

Paul has captured the diversity of tombstones found in the church’s cemetery…from the simple wooden crosses to the more modern photo like engravings.

Rosary made of glass floats

Lucy Comeau 1886-1951

En Memoire

19 JAN
AGE 82

Photography: Paul E. Sanderson
Research: Paul E. Sanderson and Linda Hughes Hiser


  1. I love the pic of the Rosary. All of them are nice though. I also like the fog in the first pic. Paul definitely has an eye...

  2. I agree that rosary is really something. I have several Comeau in my tree but no Lucie.

  3. Happened across this post while looking for something else & liked the photos so much I posted a link on my Facebook page for my Cajun friends/relatives to enjoy. Thanks for sharing, Paul & Linda! :)

  4. Nice photos! I especially like the one of the grotto -- I'm the artist who made the oil painting that is displayed on the small alter in front of the grotto. It's a painting of the church with the appearance of the Virgin Mary in the sky.