Monday, September 21, 2009

Website Migration--OMG

Too bad graphic is not doing its animated thing. This is currently the inner workings of my brain. Who knew migrating a website from one place to another would be SOOOO FRUSTRATING!

I have had a genealogy website on geocities for probably over a decade and geocities is going the way of the dinosaur. Even though geocities has been under the operating arm of yahoo for several years now, setting up a new site is like venturing into unknown territory. The file manager seems the same.....but isn't. Putting in the links is different. This old dog just isn't learning these new tricks.

I have now spent my morning putzing around my new website, with little accomplished. Disappointed.....her name is LINDA.


  1. Oh, please tell me this is NOT so! I have quite a few pages to move. I am dreading it!

  2. Linda

    If you have any tips or tricks for other genealogists with data on GeoCities let us know and I can help get the word out. I'd hate to see any valuable genealogy data lost!

  3. Oh dear. Do you see that little blue ball in that tube near the center? The one that is about to roll down the little ramp into the open mouth of the C shaped thingy.
    Ya that one. There's your problem. Move that blue ball to where the little guy is standing to the right and it will all be fixed.
    Glad I could help.

  4. This is why I'm so paranoid.... Hoping some kind "tech genies" will come to your rescue.