Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday--Asby Pool

     I have spent the past four days in Pittsburgh closing up my step mother's apartment, so I am late posting this blog. Oddly, for breaks, I was out working in two cemeteries snapping over 600 photos for findagrave. None of them related to me! 

     My paternal great great great great grandfather, Rev. Asby Pool, was an early circuit rider delivering his Methodist message to folks in Pennsylvania, Maryland and what is now West Virginia. 

     He was born on June 04, 1787 to William and Esther Pool in Hampshire, Virginia. He married first Vilender Lanham. Following Vilender's death, he married second, Christina Smith. Asby died in Monongalia County, West Virginia on January 18, 1867. His tombstone is located in the Jerome Park area outside Morgantown in a residential area. I am not certain if the tombstone is there as a memorial or if Asby is actually buried there, although on an old Morgantown map, there is a mark for the Pool Cemetery in the Jerome area.

In Memory of
Rev Asby Pool
and Family

     I intend to write a more extensive blog on Asby in the future.

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  1. I came across your blog when I was searching the internet for Rev. Asby Pool. My 2x's great grandparents were married by him in Morgantown in 1850.

  2. The monument has been tipped over with some damage. A group of volunteers are planning to clean it and put it back together.