Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Graveyard Rabbits Carnival--THE PARTING SHOT

Over at Graveyard Rabbits the topic for the April 2009 edition will be burial customs. Articles could discuss the evolution of customs, unusual customs, customs for the armed services, or customs for a specific religion. Basically anything related to burial customs is fair game.

This one comes second hand….from my husband, an avid golfer.

My husband, Ted, has belonged to a golf league for years. Last summer, while he was teeing it up on the 18th hole, he and his party noticed a long line of golf carts winding their way up the path near a small lake beside the 18th hole.

Play was suspended to see what was happening. Slowly the carts approached the water and stopped. Drivers and riders left the golf carts and drew in a semi-circle near the lake. One fellow stepped forward with an urn, opened it and let the contents fly into the lake. The men and women who were assembled all took out a pitching wedge and a golf ball. The leader counted to three and yelled out FORE and suddenly about 20 golf balls flew into the lake.

The assembled group got back into their golf carts and headed back to the clubhouse.
When my husband and his group finished their round and returned to the clubhouse, they found a memorial celebration in full swing in the 19th hole. It was a momentous send off to a golf buddy.


  1. I've known a few golfers - and this sounds exactly like what they would want for their final send-off!