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Mary Louise Hill VanGilder--Will and Testament Transcription

Last Will and Testament
Will of Mary VanGilder
October 18, 1904*
pages 112 & 113

This is my last wish for the devision of my property.  Lida Feror (Farrar) has her share,  I want Fannie M. VanGilder and Lena G. VanGilder to have the home hous_ and every thing of mine of goods in the hous_, I want Fannie and Lena to have the land starting at Lidas line go out to Halemtons line, then out far enough to go up and take in the wash hous_ and the little dwelling hous_ then on up far enough to strike the fence back of the hog lot, down that to the new street, then out to Lidas line, my land extends out far enough to take in the spring aroung the hill and tak_s in all of the  old road. I want Bettie Pell to have the land adjoining Fannie and Lenas land and Sallie E. Boyd the next I want that land devided equel.  

2 betwene Sallie Boyd and Bettie Pell I want Emma Williams to have the land joinning the Stwert land going from the street back to make equal amount with Sallie Boyd and Bettie Pell, Jacob VanGilder and Joseph VanGilder and George VanGilder ears the rest of the land, equal share.  If Fannie or Lena either marry, the single one can rent the home and have two thirds of the rent ore if they sell, devid the money equel betwene Fannie, Lena. 

I want Fannie to have the two cows the land the girls gets was mine 15 acr_, with that new street in.  If Jessie VanGilder can sell  the children's share of the land and put and put the money where it will help suport them, I want her to do it.  I hope all will be pleased. (Jessie, my paternal great grandmother.  The girls are Mary Louise VanGilder, Anna Estelle VanGilder, Sarah Margaret VanGilder--my paternal grandmother and Jessica Virginia VanGilder).

Mary VanGilder

     I Mary VanGilder do will that the balance of a certain note now in the second national bank, Morgantown, W. Va., as collateral security for my son J. J. ("J" crossed out and a "Y" written over) VanGilder and dated May 8, 1903, given by J.H. Stewart to my late husband J.O. VanGilder in payment for a certain piece of real estate and calling for the amount $947.38 and secured by vendors lien be and I do give the sam_one to my daughter Mary F. VanGilder (Fannie) in recognition for her services.

Witness my hand and seal 29 day of March, 1906. 

Mary VanGilder     SEAL

In the office of the Clerk of the County Court of Monongalia County, West Virginia, in vacation of the Court on,



     This day before me, John M. Gregg, Clerk of the County Court of Monongalia County, West Virginia, in my off in vacation of the court, came Charles Pell (son-in law to Mary VanGilder and husband of Bettie VanGilder Pell)and produced a writing dated October 15th, 1904, together with a codicil thereto attached dated March 29, 1906, purporting to be the last will and testament of Mary VanGilder, deceased, late resident of this county, who died testate on the 24th day of January, 1908 and who was at the time of her death a resident of said county, and was the owner of real and personal property therein.  And thereupon, the said writing was offered for probate and record.

Whereupon, came P. Fairchild Harner and Margaret O. Harner (Margaret Olivia Hill Harner, sister of Mary VanGilder) persons well known to me, who being by me first duly sworn, upon their oaths depose to say:  That they were well acquainted with the said testator Mary VanGilder in her lifetime and were familiar with the handwriting of the said Mary VanGilder; that as they verily believe, the said original handwriting and the codicil thereto attached including the signatures of the said Mary VanGilder thereto are wholly in the handwriting of the said Mary VanGilder, and that the said signatures to the said writings are the genuine signature of the said Mary VanGilder; that they were acquainted with the said Mary VanGilder at the dates of the execution of the said writing viz:  On the 15th day of October, 1904 and the 29th day of March, 1906, and on each of the said dates the said Mary VanGilder was of sound mind and memory and was over the age of twenty-one years of age.  

     Whereupon, the said writing, together with the codicil thereto attached having been duly proven by the testimony of the said witnesses; it is ordered that the same be, and it is hereby admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded as and for the last will and testament of Mary VanGilder deceased.


John M. Gregg, Clerk.

A true copy,


John M. Gregg, Clerk

State of West Virginia, SS:

     At a regular session of the County Court of Monongalia County, West Virginia, on the 2nd day of March, 1908, the clerk of this court reported, that, since the last regular session, he made, in the Clerk's office, the following order to-wit:  On the 22nd day of February, 1908, he admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded a writing purported to be the last will and testament of Mary VanGilder deceased, and no objection being made thereto and none appearing to the Court, it is ordered, that the same be confirmed.

A Copy,

Teste:  John M. Gregg, Clerk.

 *  The date on the document of Mary's division of her property is October 18, 1904; however throughout the court document it is October 15, 1904.

NOTE:  Written as found in the copy of the document with the exception of anything in parenthesis.  That is my clarification of who the person is.

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Last Will and Testament of Mary Louise Hill VanGilder


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