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Ann Louise Frum Pool--My Paternal Great Great Great Grandmother

Ann Louise Frum Pool

     Ann Louise Frum, my paternal great great great grandmother, daughter of Sampson Smith Frum and Elizabeth Ann VanGilder, was born on September 2, 1816 in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.  Ann was the first born child to the Frum's.  I have seen her name as Ann and Anne.  Her nickname was Nancy.

A Slight Family Digression

     I do want to make mention here, since I have neglected to in the blogs of Sampson and Elizabeth, that the Frum-VanGilder marriage brought together two branches of my family tree.  My VanGilder tree branches twice.  

     I descend from Jacob VanGilder through two VanGilder lines.  (1)  His son Jacob VanGilder, Jr. down to George Ethelbert VanGilder and (2) And his daughter, Elizabeth Ann VanGilder' s marriage to Sampson Frum->Ann Louise Frum to William Lanham Pool->Sampson Frum Pool to Sarah Louise Harner->Jessie Poole to George Ethelbert VanGilder.  

     George Ethelbert VanGilder was Jacob's great grandson and Jessie Poole was Jacob's great great grand daughter.  These two folks are my paternal great grandparents.

Back to Great Great Great Grandmother

     Ann's father was a farmer and raised cattle on his farm.  As a young man and throughout his adult years he purchased land in Monongalia County as well as two houses in Morgantown.  From early Monongalia County census records, Ann's family was farming in the Eastern District and probably on the Frum land along Aarons Creek.  

     The Frum's were early pioneers in the Morgantown area.  Land had to be cleared, log cabins built, and dirt roads connecting homes to churches, schools, town and beyond.  By Ann's birth churches had sprung up in the area, as well as schools.  

     Five additional known children joined Ann.  Matilda, Sampson, Margaret, Alpheus and Elizabeth Jane.  As the oldest in the family, Anne would have been responsible for many household chores as well as assisting her mother in raising her siblings.  

Document shared by Dr. Robert Poole Wilkins

     At age twenty-one, Ann married twenty-one year old, Reverend William Lanham Pool, son of Reverend Asby Pool and Vilender Lanham.  The wedding was celebrated on May 14, 1839 in Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.

Map showing Ann's property
Green dot is Dorsey School

     The Pool's lived on a farm outside Morgantown.  Anne, having been raised on a farm, was accustomed to the chores and household duties of a farmers wife.  The location is mentioned in a newspaper article about William's father, Asby Pool written by Earl L. Core.  William Pool, "He has ten children, all born on his farm on Aarons Creek near the Dorsey School."  If this statement is accurate, the Pool's farm was on land belonging to Ann.  

     During the next two decades following their wedding, William and Ann added ten children to their family.

  1. Elizabeth Ann Pool, born May 24, 1840, died April 24, 1928, married William Steele McClure
  2. Martha Jane Pool, born December 25, 1842, died January 9, 1930, married Levi Samuel Shomaker
  3. Sampson Frum Pool, born February 20, 1843, died December 14, 1909, married Sarah Louise Harner  (MY GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS)
  4. William Asby Pool, born June 14, 1846, died January 19, 1914, married Julia Catherine Kennedy
  5. Margaret L. Pool, born June 1848, died August 1849
  6. Alpheus Jerome Pool, born January 10, 1850, died April 11, 1913, married Belle V. Darrell
  7. Mary Ellen Pool, born January 4, 1851, died April 25, 1917, married Caleb Beall
  8. Matilda V. Pool, born 1854, died May 12, 1907, married Joseph M. Mras
  9. George Henry Poole born February 2, 1855, died October 18, 1924, married Martha Jane Kennedy
  10. John Waitman Poole, born April 16, 1857, died May 31, 1930, Mary Elizabeth Clark and Nancy Ella Zinn
     It is important to note that some of the members of the Pool family began to add a final "e" to the name.  

     William Lanham Pool listed his occupation as farmer on census reports. He was also a minister with the Methodist Protestant Church.   

     Both William and his son, Sampson served in the Civil War.  Anne was left to manage the farm and family during those years.  Eight of her children were still at home and available to work.  In a letter written to his mother while serving in the Civil War, my great great grandfather, Sampson Frum Pool, tells his mother to have his brother, Bill purchase some farm equipment and to take care of his colt.

     On September 10, 1872, Ann and William divorced after forty-two years of marriage.  William remarried nine days later.  In correspondence, dated April 23, 1994, from a Poole historian, Dr. Robert Poole Wilkins, "About W.L. Poole and his wife (second).  All of W.L.'s sons and daughters save one turned on him about divorcing Nancy.  Only George Henry Poole, son, kept in good terms with his father......"

     Ann lived for twenty-one years on a farm on Aaron's Creek.  She is listed on the 1880 West Virginia census living with her son George.  Her son, Alpheus Pool is listed with his family above her on the census and listed below her is her son, John Pool and family.  The surname is Poll.

Ann Louise Pool Frum
carte de visite
From the estate of my grandmother
Sarah Margaret VanGilder Hughes

Back of the carte de visite
J. P. Schaefer
Morgantown, West Va
P.O. Box No. 62

Land Maps of Property owned by Ann Louise Frum Pool

1850 Map showing Ann Frum Pool and brother Alpheus Frum's land.
There is a Poole farm at the bottom of the map. 
Possibly William Lanham Poole's

Route 81 The Kingwood Pike
Morgan District
Morgantown, West Virginia
     Back in 1995, I was emailing a genealogy researcher in Morgantown.  She went the extra mile and located a cemetery listing done in 1939 and the Old Frum Cemetery was listed.  The location of the cemetery was unknown by the researchers I was in touch with until my family and I took a trip in June, 1995 to Morgantown, West Virginia.  There were many emails to and from various persons and with the help of them, burials of my paternal great great great great grandparents, Sampson Smith Frum and Elizabeth Ann VanGilder Frum were located, along with some of their children and grandchildren.  Also in this cemetery, my paternal great great great grandmother, Ann Louise Frum Pool is buried.  The Old Frum Cemetery is located along Aaron's Creek, on land belonging in the 1800's to Sampson Frum and willed to his daughter, Ann Louise Frum Pool.  

     Ann Louise Frum Pool, died at her farm on Aaron's Creek from unknown causes.  Her date of death was August 11, 1893 at age seventy-six years, eleven months and nine days.  The information was given by her son, Sampson Frum Pool.  There is a discrepancy between Ann's age and date of death as found on the death record and the grave marker.  Ann was buried in a small family cemetery along Aaron's Creek.  Her parents, some siblings, children and grandchildren are also buried there.  

     When Ann's brother, Alpheus Frum died in 1901, his obituary lists his burial to be in Bell's Cemetery.  He is buried in the Old Frum Cemetery.  Was the cemetery known at one time as Bell's?


Aug 13 1893
76y 11m


     I do want to note that the grave marker of Ann's daughter, Margaret L. Pool who died in 1849 is on the opposite side of Ann's.  

Division of Real Estate
Ann Frum Pool
Page 204 of Volume 38, also page 207

J. W. Pool                         24 acres
George H. Pool                 16 1/2 acres   
Tillie V (Matilda V.)          8 acres plus John W. Pool's residence  
Alpheus J. Pool                14 1/2 acres  
Mary E. Beall                    16 acres
William A. Pool                 Lot #6--18 acres
Eliza McClure                    43 3/4 acres
Sampson Frum Pool         Road from Eliza McClure's parcel plus 35 1/2                                                acres
Martha J. Shomaker         Lot #9 to John M. Jolliffe line to B. Hall's land to                                            a white oak stump--33 acres

Thank you to my friend and cousin, Dr. Robert Poole Wilkins, my paternal second cousin twice removed, who unselfishly shared much of his research on the Ferguson, Lanham, Frum and Pool Families during our correspondence in the 1990's.  He sent me a copy of his manuscript, "The Poole Family of Hampshire and Monongalia Counties, West Virginia being principally descendants of the Reverend Asby Poole (1788-1867) of Morgantown, as well as associated members of the Ferguson, Morgan and McRa Families."

Cale, Freda Robinson, Poole Family, personally bound, no date.

Soap Box:  I own the carte of Ann Louise Frum Pool.  I know once you put information out on the net, anyone can copy and repost it.  It does irritate me that genealogists would use this carte and not bother to give credit.  I find it hard to believe that the numerous pictures of Ann I see, particularly on Ancestry, are owned by those posting them.  

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