Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Civil War Furlough Letter Transcription--William Lanham Pool

Furlough Letter dated January 5, 1865


Island Hospital Harpers Ferry, Va

January 5, 1865

Robert P. Kennedy

Major & AHG (?)


      I have the honor to request a furlough of twenty (20) days based on the following reasons.  I have unsettled business of importance to myself and family.  My wife has lost the use of her arm and having no one else at home to help her it is necessary I should be there to provide for the winter.  I have been in the service two years and never received a furlough.  hoping this will meet with your approval.

 I am very respectfully 

Your abel Svt

William L. Pool

Pvt Co I. 14 West Va Inf 

     The furlough was approved; however, no dates of when the furlough was taken appear on the record.


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