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William Christian Olesen--Naturalization Petition

William Christian Olesen
Petition for Citizenship 1930
Again, Flipside scored a new documents for my paternal great grand uncle, William Christian Olesen--his Certificate of Arrival in the United States, the 1928 Declaration of Intention for Citizenship and his 1930 Petition for Citizenship.  Thank you

William Christian Olesen
Certificate of Arrival

Oddly, the information on Great Grand Uncle Bill's Certificate of Arrival, which was used as the basis of his petition to become a US citizen, is actually the second time he traveled from England to America. As mentioned in an earlier blog, Bill first came to the US with his sister, my paternal great grandmother, Elizabeth Olesen Hughes, on August 7, 1910 from Liverpool, England on the ship, Celtic. Uncle Bill lived with his sister and her husband, John George Hughes, in Woodlawn, Pennsylvania and was probably employed then with J & L Steel.

Bill traveled back to England in the summer of 1920. On the voyage back he was accompanied by his mother, Ferdinande Weiss Olesen and his sister, Emily Olesen Richards. They arrived at Ellis Island on July 24, 1920 on the S.S. Aquitania. It is this arrival in the United States that was used for the petition for citizenship.

I have never found citizenship papers for my paternal great great grandmother, Ferdinande Weiss Olesen. Perhaps she was "grandfathered" in with her son, Bill Olesen. That might make sense since she accompanied him on the voyage.

William Christian Olesen
Declaration of Intention 1928

These documents give me a better picture of how Uncle Bill looked. I never realized how big a fellow he was, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 210 pounds. The papers also confirm that he was a locomotive fireman and that he was living with my great grandparents at 131 Spring Street in Woodlawn, Pennsylvania.

Now if I could only find a photograph!

Tombstone Tuesday:William Christian Olesen on Flipside.

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  1. Congratulations to you! Good to be reading your blog again.

  2. I have seen children naturalized with the parents, but, I have not seen a case of the parent being naturalized with the child. That said, NOTHING in this sport would surprise me! LOL Are you sure she WAS naturalized??

  3. I have never found any naturalization records for her and your question is a good one....maybe she never did become a citizen.

    1. How old was she Linda, when she arrived?? I found a number of the elders were confused by naturalization process, some of Man's folks believed they were, but, I don't think they really wer. Confusion over papers they were issued, they thought naturalized, but, that is not those papers were.

      Then, again, maybe she just did not want to be????