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Finished.....although maybe not......

    Whenever I think I have found all I can about my maternal great grandaunt, Edna May Frederick Zeigler Gween and her daughter, Mary A. Zeigler Quinn, I come up with something new. I keep poking around looking for new leads, primarily for myself, as there were no descendants from this branch of the Frederick tree. Edna had only one child and her daughter, Mary, had none.

     First, I found that for over a decade, I have misspelled the Zeigler surname!  That took a short time to change all the various listing on FTM and out on the net.  Next, I found that Edna's first husband, Harry G. Zeigler was actually named Henry G. Zeigler....more corrections needed.  Is Harry a nickname for Henry????

Zeigler/Frederick marriage license

     Another little tidbit turned up when I located the marriage record for Henry and Edna dated 1899.  The Frederick family was living in Esplen, Pennsylvania at that time.  I knew they resided there by the 1900 Pennsylvania census report and apparently they relocated from Columbiana County, Ohio earlier. 

     Before finding the marriage license, I had estimated their marriage about 1899, since Edna was not enumerated with her Frederick family.  I was on target--their marriage was September 6, 1899 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  The Zeigler Family lived in and around the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.  Their daughter, Mary A. Zeigler was born about 1903.  So far I have not been able to locate her birth information. 

     Henry was a shoe salesman with a department store in Pittsburgh during the early days of their marriage.  The marriage came to an end about 1915.  By 1920, Henry went back to live with his parents.  I have not traced him further.

     Edna remarried by 1918, William Clinton Gween.  The Gween's made their home in various places in and around the greater Pittsburgh area.  William must have died by 1930.  Recently I located two city directory listings for Edna Gween.  She is living alone and there is no mention of her husband.  Edna was employed as a telephone operator.

     My mother once told me that she always thought that her Aunt Edna was gainfully employed as she seemed to have money for lunches out, nice clothes and would usually bring her a little present each time she visited.  She  had no memory of Aunt Edna's husband, although, I was told that at the funeral of my maternal grandfather, Charles Edward Stark, my mother's father, that it was said that Edna and Martha, my mother's mother, might become closer now that they were both widows. 

     The only record I have of Aunt Edna's death and burial was written in the back of several of my maternal grandmother, Martha Marie Frederick Stark's, annual date books.  Edna died on January 25, 1961 and is buried at William Penn Memorial Cemetery.  I have not visited the cemetery and do not have any photographs of the memorial marker.

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