Monday, February 13, 2012

The Importance of Continually Checking Through Your Hard Copy

     I know this isn't an earth shattering piece of genealogical philosophy....more a gentle reminder to myself...."Linda keep checking those hard copy files!"

     This week while going through a box of my maternal grandmothers papers, I happened upon a short, but SWEET written account of my Dad's comings and goings before he left for his service in Korea during the summer of 1952.  I obviously had cut it out of one of Teek's journals, folded it and put it back for a later time.....then forgot it.

     I was only five and have limited memories of all the details. Many events have been filled in by family photos and my Dad's army documents and a few stories told by my Mother.

Sarah VanGilder Hughes (Grams), Martha Frederick Stark (Teek),
Martha Stark Hughes (Mom) holding Kenneth George Hughes
and George Henry Hughes (Pop Pop)

George VanGilder Hughes holding Kenneth George Hughes
Linda Lee Hughes in front
Beside Dad:  Sarah VanGilder Hughes, Martha Frederick Stark
and George Henry Hughes

....and now these two photos pulled from an old family album can take their rightful place in my family history....Growing Up Hughes.

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  1. How interesting to have a journal piece like that.
    I wish I had some hard copies of anything to check back on but no such luck. Hope you have been keeping well Linda.