Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Road Ruminations--Just call me ".............."

     Several days a week, I have a 40 minute drive to work crossing the southern portion of the city of Cleveland, Ohio on two interstates.   I have made this journey now for several years and since the car almost drives itself, except during in inclement weather, it gives me time to explore a variety of topics in my mind.  Usually they verge on the ridiculous....this being one of those ;-)

     My given name is Linda Lee Hughes.  I married a Hiser.  I have never been one of those folks who is married to a her name.  I know some who will be become furious if you call them by a name abbreviation or nickname.  All of my genealogy is done as Linda Hughes Hiser; however, I am a variety of variations of my name in numerous places; Linda L. Hiser and Linda H. Hiser being two.  I am finding as I get older and need to decide what my name will be...for instance on my social security, drivers license, bank statements, etc., so everything will be the same.

     While driving and thinking this over (see, I told you this was somewhat ridiculous!), my mind wandered over to all the names I have been called during my, now, 65 years.  I have deleted those that might be offensive ;-D.
  1. Linda--the given name
  2. Lindee--family nickname
  3. Lindy--spelling from my Aunt Barb McGoey Hughes
  4. Lin--current family nickname
  5. Lynn--as spelled by my paternal grandmother, Grams
  6. Deeow--Ken's variation when he was too young to pronounce Lindee
  7. Pickle Puss--toddler nickname from parents since I screwed up my mouth like I was eating a sour pickle....lol
  8. Jerse--another toddler nickname from parents.  For Jersey Joe Walcott a boxing champion.  I hope I wasn't running around punching people ;-)
  9. Mrs. Linda--my preschool teacher name
  10. Mrs. Hiser--the more formal preschool teacher name
  11. Miss Linda--sometimes used by my current co-workers
  12. Linda Carol--JoAnn at work kept forgetting my name was Linda and called me by the name of Carol.  Once she got it right, she decided to call me Linda Carol!
  13. Hughes--swimming coaches
  14. Hughesie--college nickname
  15. Mr. Pickles--from my son, Aric
  16. Mom--my boys
  17. Aunt Linda--my nieces and nephews
  18. Cousin Lin--obviously, my cousins
  19. Linda Lou--co workers
  20. Sis--my bros
      I'm sure there are others; however, I think twenty is a good number.

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  1. Love the post, Linda @ Flipside!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I never know how some of the stuff I write will be received ;-)

  2. 21. Great Blogger

    22. Friend

    Not necessarily in that order.

  3. Linda -
    I enjoy reading your blog, no matter what name you go by! I can't tell you how delighted I was that you stopped in to see me today at the library!!

    1. The pleasure was all mine!!! I am still in awe at how the day all came together.