Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday--Matella A. Lepard Hull

     Matella A. Lepard Hull is my second cousin, twice removed.  She was the daughter of Isaac Lepard and Sarah Ann Woollett. Born on February 8, 1859 in Attica, Venice Township, Seneca County, Ohio, Matella lived her entire life within the small farming community. 

Matella A. Lepard Hull
On February 7, 1878, she married  Abraham W. Hull, son of Michael Hull and Barbara Free Hull.  Abraham was born on October 3, 1863 was also raised in Venice Township. 

     The Hulls raised three children on the Hull farm outside town; Arza B Hull, Ida Mary Hull Wilhelm and Mina B. Hull Songer.  

     Matella died at age eight-one on May 24, 1941 at her home in Attica.  She is buried beside her husband, Abraham W. Hull, in the Attica Venice Joint Cemetery.
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