Monday, February 27, 2012

Destination: Carnegie Library of Sandusky, Ohio and a BIG SURPRISE

Over the weekend my brother and I planned a little Monday day trip to Sandusky, Ohio.  Ken has become very involved with a new church and I wanted to see it; however, when Ken mentioned that there was a Carnegie Library in town which once housed a concert hall complete with a beautiful organ, I was onboard.  Readers might remember past blogs of our searches for Carnegie's that provided more than a library for the lucky community where it was built. 

We were warmly welcomed at the church and given a full tour of the building and the various classrooms.  As a gift I was given a CD of the worship team's music.

Former Erie County Jail

After lunch, we made our way into Sandusky.  Ken already knew the location of the library.  Out came the camera....Miss Snap Happy was primed and ready!  Next to the library is the old Erie County jail.  Check out the photo....nice digs for the sheriff.  Today the library has been expanded and extends into the building that once housed the jail.  More on that later in another blog.....

Elegant front of
Sandusky Carnegie Library

It's always a good trip when Ken is part of the travel team.  He has such a warm way with complete strangers....that winning smile and hardy laugh.  He totally charmed the lovely lady librarian at the information desk.  Within minutes she was giving us the most informative guided tour of the building.  

As she was finishing up, she asked if we had been down to the Archives Room.   Archives...."So," says Linda,"Does that mean you have a large genealogy section in the library?"  Her reply was "yes".  Then the back of my mind.....I remembered one of my favorite blogs, Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay......Carnegie Library of Sandusky located on Sandusky Bay..... Can you hear the light bulb clicking on in my head ;-) 

"Well I read a blog about cemeteries in Erie County and I bet the writer does her research here," says myself.  The librarian asked who the blogger was and my reply, "Dorene".  The librarians eyes danced with delight and she responded, "Dorene! Dorene works here and is probably downstairs right now!"

Flipside meets Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay

We followed the librarian down to the lower level and there was Dorene sitting in front of her computer.  I walked over and said, "Hi Dorene, Linda from Flipside."  What a grand meeting.  Hugs and smiles....Geneabloggers are such a warm and nurturing community.  For both of us, it was the first time we had met a fellow Geneablogger in person.

I have followed Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay for several years.  Dorene's blog is well reseached and she is such an engaging writer.  The reader can always count on photos and often newspaper articles on the folks belonging to the individual tombstones.  If you are not part of her following, I encourage you strongly to hop over and give her a look.

Serendipity ruled the day.
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  1. What a nice surprise for both of you! And, you both look GREAT!!

  2. Linda,
    What beautiful pictures of the library! It was so delightful to meet you in person!

  3. How cool is that, to meet a blogger you follow. Sandusky has a Rennaisance thing going on. Did you visit the cake shop?

  4. NICE recount of the day’s proceedings… one of those days that’ll stick in the ol’ memory for sure!!! Also… GREAT pics of those awesome limestone structures. And yes... serendipity DID rule the day... wouldn't have it any other way! What fun! ;-)